Startup ‘Freckle’ Debuts with Shoppable Video Technology Unique Interactive Touchpoints Help Brands Realize Conversions


LOS ANGELES, CA – June 23rd, 2020 – Over the past 6 months, technology and digital marketing startup ‘Freckle’ has been developing a unique set of marketing tools focused on bringing brands and consumers together via shoppable video content. With an emphasis on interactivity, Freckle’s goal to increase click through, conversions, and overall brand awareness is something to be coveted by digital marketers.  Freckle is set to release its first shoppable campaign later this month.

Freckle’s founders, Ian Feiner (CEO), James Mock (CTO), and Robert Roth (CCO) intend the startup to pioneer a more successful and ultimately more seamless method to monetize content. Using patent pending interactive technology, Freckle is doubling down on shoppable video content being the next generation of making money for advertisers and content creators.

“Imagine being able to shop from a cable television set or mobile streaming platform while watching your favorite TV show,” boasts Roth, the companies Chief Creative. “This is the world we envision and it starts with proving that interactive and shoppable content works. We plan to demonstrate that with a diverse set of campaigns for definition brands and digital advertisers.”

How Freckle works is centered on users willingness to engage with the interactive touch-points. Trackable dots or ‘freckles’ hover over video content. As users engage with the touch-points, a multitude of functions can be performed from informational, add to cart, branch/choice narrative, and more while never leaving the video content. Currently, the startup is working with premium brands in the fitness, eyewear, and fashion spaces by developing unique social media campaigns that are eye catching for audiences and make large impacts in click-throughs and conversions.

CTO James Mock believes that interactivity has the potential to boost conversions up to 7x over traditional static content. “We really are going all in on interactivity,” states James. “Its the physiological phenomenon of giving audiences a tangible experience that leads to brand recall and ultimately sales. Paired with a seamless way to convert viewers within the context of video, and you’ve got yourself one killer marketing tool.”   

Also, with the ability to retrofit pre-existing content, Ian believes they’ve removed a lot of the friction of integrating with brands and creators who are weary of the steep costs of original content production.

“We’ve created a way to help brands get more life out of their content,” says Feiner. “By maximizing the potential of a company’s existing video assets, we’ve eliminated many of the inefficiencies in the process and even the need for original content creation. This creates an ever-green ecosystem that brands have been dreaming about; if we can save them thousands of dollars a year on their ad spend, then we’ve done our job.”   

About Freckle

Freckle is an early stage startup and creative company founded by film producers, storytellers, and engineers. They work with brands and advertisers to make shoppable video experiences for social media. Using interactive product touchpoints, Freckle turns pre-existing static video assets into engaging shoppable experiences.


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