Steps to Overcome Negative Thinking during Covid-19


The ups and downs of life, especially during these trying pandemic times, are what keeps us inspired as well as challenged every day. The moment everything is going well, we should appreciate and give thanks. However, when things get tough, we should seek out the opportunity to come out of the situation stronger. Unfortunately, in life’s ebbs and flows, what often stands between us and peace of mind are our own thought processes and perception. Many times, our attitude is what drives our perception, and if positive, helps us find those needed solutions to life’s obstacles.

To keep things in the positive lane, try practicing the following;

  • Be mindful

Being mindful is being self-aware of the patterns that lead to negative thinking. If it’s someone or something in your life that makes you feel self-doubt, you need to identify it. When we take note of the source of our fears, worries, anxiety, etc., we take back the power of the situation. This is a first step in reversing the negative to a positive.

  • Practice gratitude

How many times do you show your friends and family that you appreciate them? How many times do you say thank you for life’s gifts? You don’t have to wait until next Thanksgiving. The spirit of gratitude is a discipline that helps change negative thinking into finding a ray of light in most every situation. Being grateful assists one to lead a life of happiness and self-love.

  • Don’t hide

Negativity has a way of stripping us of our confidence. Continuing to live life in this state can, therefore, become harder each day. Eventually, our will is crushed. A way to help change this is by not hiding. If something that threatens your confidence happens, do not allow it to own you. Confront it with positivity and take control of your life.

  • Trust your intuition

We all have those gut feelings from time to time (our “inner voice”). Learn to trust your intuition, especially if it tends to lead you down the more positive road.

  • Go for positive friends

To help rid your life of negative thinking, your support system has to be living on the positive side in order to keep encouraging you and each other. It is the concept of positive emotional contagion. When you surround yourself with positive friends, you live and breathe in a more positive manner too. In case you can’t let go of toxic connections, say, family members or co-workers, you can shield yourself from letting them lead you to negativity.

Negative thinking is a choice influenced by those around us, our general attitude in life, and what we feel deep inside. Do not allow yourself to go to the “dark side”. By practicing gratitude, trusting your intuition, surrounding yourself with positive friends, and being mindful, you can change your situation and lead a more stabilizing, healthy, and wonderful life! If things are seeming too unbearable, reach out to a mental health professional immediately.


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