Sterison Has Extended Their IoT Services And Solutions To The Next level


Sterison, a provider of IoT solutions and services, connected products, and IoT device development for all industries is extending their services and solutions to Industrial IoT (IIoT). They also provide cloud collaboration solutions and multiple cloud integration services to serve cloud-ready IoT solutions to various industries.

“Our expertise in technology staffing services, process re-engineering, application development as well as internet of things, bridges the gap between your business and your information technology-driven goals,” says the CEO at Sterison.

The list of IIoT solutions they offer are Downtime Capturing System, Defect Analysis System, Weight Capturing System, Product Efficiency Monitoring.

Downtime Capturing System – Along with downtime tracking, machine monitoring, and production tracking system is also carried out which will analyze and mitigate the causes of machine downtime in ALL forms of manufacturing equipment (including legacy machines). The system automatically records downtime, as well as the manual mapping of the triggers, and produces the required reports.

Defect Analysis System – The Defects Identification System, which is based on AI technology, can be used to improve the production line at the packaging level.

Some of its benefits are reducing the number of defective items, and hence improve quality and consumer satisfaction, Human errors are reduced thanks to the highly accurate detection module, and there is no need for human interference.

Weight Capturing System – The weight capturing system transmits the necessary outputs by automatically capturing the weight of manually positioned SKUs as well as recognizing the actual product on the scale.

The benefits of a weight capturing system are the capability of displaying real-time data and allowing for user interaction, weighing process visibility, and traceability that can be relied on, every weighing is being recorded on the internet, getting rid of human errors and frauds, centralized information.

Production Efficiency Monitoring–  Production efficiency monitoring is used to see a factory’s metrics and understand how the machines in that factory relate to that metric.

One of the benefits is data analysis and transfer where edge devices or sensors produce and collect a large amount of data, but they lack the computational power and storage capacity to perform advanced analytics and machine-learning tasks.

Few examples of what type of data they acquire can be downtime, temperature, pressure, weight, etc. These data will be evaluated against the KPIs and eventually all these are required to attain asset live tracking and enhanced monitoring maintenance.

Reporting System  

The primary benefit of using this system is effective data collection and further analysis can aid in data visualization and efficiency breakout. Also, machine updates, threshold alerts, and shift reports will be automatically generated and sent to the targeted audience for immediate guidance and more.

About Sterison

Sterison relies on decades of industry experience to solve the unique challenges that come from working with customers on the front lines. Their real-world experience, deep business understanding, and commitment are key elements that ensure the success of your technology initiatives. Sterison focuses on consumer goods manufacturer units like Noodles, oil, etc. They intend to capture all the data which will be automated throughout the manufacturing process.

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