Stonewalker Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Men’s Trendsetting Fashion Brand


Men’s clothing brand Stonewalker has announced its launch on Kickstarter with the campaign set to go live on September 14, 2021. The brand is all set to usher in a new trend in men’s fashion with its brand-new collection. The brand promises to bring a new tinge of freshness to traditional men’s fashion, bringing fun to fashion and making a statement.

With the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, Stokely Gittens, the owner and designer of the brand-new clothing line is hoping to get support from pledges in order to bring the clothing line to market and they hope to gain support in a highly competitive market on this famous crowd-funding platform.

Speaking of the details of the shirts from Stonewalker, they are unique as they have a premier line of rhinestones studded on them. The owner of the brand wanted to create something fresh and exciting to watch in men’s everyday fashion, and therefore they came up with this unusual idea of studding the shirts with rhinestones, creating unusual and trend setting designs that anybody would love to have in their closet. “Dreams invigorate the soul, brings joy, and ascends ideas to great heights. You only live once so dream big, work smart and hard, and spend as much time learning as you do working,” says Stokely Gittens. “Imagination kindles the fire and creativity is a gift of life so we should never let this spark die.”

These shirts are unique men’s designer polo shirts and come in different styles. One style has a designer stud/button on sleeve or a rhinestone on sleeve, the designer button can consist of diamond like stones. Another style has a blue rhinestone, some shirts have an inch of marble looking fabric at the end of the sleeves which is different from the other fabric of the shirt. “The shirts look classy and would be a hit among men of all ages, we believe so,” says Stokely Gittens, owner and designer of the brand.

“I started the clothing line because I see the same shirts over again when I go shopping and I wanted something thrilling and fresh. I wanted shirts with a flair that I truly enjoyed wearing,” says Stokely Gittens.

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Address: 1317 Edgewater Dr., Suite 1739, Orlando, FL 32804

Tel: 1-800-459-1077

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Company Name: Stonewalker
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Address:1317 Edgewater Dr., Suite 1739
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