Stop day trading, buy and hold for the long haul says Cuban American Entrepreneur Sahel Rafael Tamayo


He says find the stock you love and think can exist 100 years for now, and purchase it and never sell it

The stock market is plunging to the depths that it has never seen since several years ago, all thanks to the trade tension between the U.S. and China. The S&P 500 index has registered its worst slump since the 8th of February, which signals a complete turn for investors’ sentiment. This is a strange case seeing that this week’s Monday saw an investor euphoria.

The tension between U.S.A and China seemed to rise, even when both parties have reached a trade truce over the weekend. With the Dow Jones index sinking for almost 800 points, it is not hard to see that the truce did not bear the wanted result.  The Nasdaq lost 283 points, while the S&P 500, like it has been mentioned before, lost 90 points. The losses have an adverse effect on banks as well, with JPMorgan reportedly loses 4.5 per cent of its point.

The trade battle between the U.S.A. and China was one of the major points of President Trump’s campaign. He promised to bring the US into a more common ground, making sure that the U.S.A gets the best out of the deals. Trump has imposed tariffs on Chinese products, which only invited a retaliation from Beijing. This retaliation has been met with Trump’s own counterattack, with the POTUS mentioning that he would impose even harsher tariffs if China dared to strike back. With the war making it harsher for the economy, USA and China have agreed on a trade truce back in the second day of December 2018. The euphoria lasted only for a day, however, as the stock has taken a deep dive as of December 4th.

In light of this freefall, Cuban American entrepreneur Sahel Rafael Tamayo has shed a wisdom that might help investors or potential investors in investing their money. Tamayo, who is the founder and President of, has indicated that technology is one aspect of life that would always develop. Aside from technology, he also mentioned that finance and health are two other aspects that are worth investing in.

“The trick is to stop trading stocks on a daily basis. Instead of day trading, it is preferable for an investor to buy a stock and hold for a long time. Buy stocks that could last for a hundred year. Forget about day trading. It would not help you one bit,” Tamayo said. When pressed further on what department that an investor should invest in, Tamayo only replied, “Technology, if you can. Health is another department that you can try, and finance is also a good place to start putting your money in.”


About Sahel Rafael Tamayo

Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a respected investor, business owner, and a business executive. This young entrepreneur has an important contribution to the growth of the credit industry and finance. Mr Tamayo is a Cuban American that now is developing an online credit company of his own that is and becomes the founder as well as president of it. He has made the company becomes one of the most trusted credit repair companies in the USA. For more information about the entrepreneur, please visit


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