Stop learning from gurus and coaches. Tommaso Tosi launches a new edu-platform with just real Business Titans.

Tommaso Tosi

London, UK – Italian entrepreneur Tommaso Tosi, the founder of pleased to announce that Titans Academy will be available worldwide on April 27th 2020. Since the news was first announced, it has gained huge exposure around the world.

Titans Academy is the European leader of Edu-Tech with courses that have been put together by industry leaders and which are targeted to entrepreneurs, professionals, students, managers and employees who have just entered the business world. The courses will also help experienced professionals that want to take their business to the next level.

Although there are hundreds of business courses available online, most of those courses have been put together by coaches or gurus who don’t have success in the business world. That means, a lot of those courses will teach people the theory, but not the practical which will result in limited real results. However, Titans Academy is different. Their platform provides courses by people who have achieved real results in the real world and have become leaders in their field.

When asked more about the courses, the founder of Titans Academy Tommaso Tosi explained:

“People are tired of learning from gurus and coaches. They want to see real stories, real professionals, managers and entrepreneurs from the real world. This is why we launched a new platform with just real Business Titans.”

Some of those who have designed the courses include Nicolas Loufrani, owner of Smiley and inventor of the emoticons. There are several other big business personalities from fashion to hospitality to PR and Mechanical that are passing on their skills and knowledge.

The Titans Academy’s mission is to take all members to the next level, personally and professionally. With the industry leaders helping to design the courses, the Academy could become the leader in its field within two years. They have already achieved excitement with those who want to follow industry leaders and become a success.

“With the aim to find the business leaders and success stories of tomorrow, The Titans Academy approaches leaders in their field to share their experiences.”

To reach that objective Titans Academy’s team developed a unique method based on 3 innovative fundamentals:

1) spend time with who you want to become

“We are the median of the 5 people we spend the most time with.” Whoever wants to achieve great results, should spend as much time as possible in the company of those who have obtained great results.

2) non-linear learning

Learning from those who have done great things in a variety of different fields is fundamental in opening the mind to an infinite amount of possibilities, inspirations and strategies to apply to your specific field.

3) make the best of your spare time

The application of fixed hours and days in the world of education are the paradigm that doesn’t apply to today’s reality. Today it is essential to take advantage of every moment available to grow. Whether it be at home, while commuting or in your free time.

Tommaso Tosi comments on one of the hospitality courses:

“This is an opportunity that is never seen before. You now can learn how to open a RESTAURANT from one of the biggest restorateur in ITALY! Eugenio Galbiati grew his first restaurant in Monza (near Milan) until it became one of the biggest restaurant in the world!

He teaches his 12 steps to open a restaurant for example. 12 steps teached not from a consultant or a guru, but from who already opened 16 RESTAURANT in the real world (and in the italian market, which is one of the most difficult places in the world where to open a restaurant)! This is a huge opportunity for everybody.

Nicolas Loufrani teaches how to license a brand and how to build a strong legal team… So everybody can learn these topics not from a guru on the stage, but from a big real entrepreneur with a real $500M company. This is a game changer in the e-learning industry.”

“A course by Michael Scarpellini Founder of the brand Happiness who started in the midst of the biggest economic crisis in 2007 by selling t-shirts to friends in Hollywood, CA for $10 to growing his company into a fashion empire selling over 20 million products to over 2,000 retailers world wide and revolutionizing the fashion industry in what is known today as streetstyle. And he did all of this from ITALY, which is probably the most difficult market in the world to succeed in the fashion industry!

He teaches how to create a brand, how to produce the first products on a budget, how to select the right suppliers, how to distribute your products to wholesale retailers, just amazing.”

And this is just the beginning. The Academy has already signed agreements with several personalities dropping new courses in the months to come, maintaining the highest standards of contents and always being true to our mission.

About Tommaso Tosi

Born in Cesena in 1998 and always lived in Santarcangelo di Romagna (a small 20.000 town in northern Italy), Tommaso Tosi started to sell any type of products online since he was 16 years old. After a few years he became one of the most important sellers of online courses in Europe. He learned reading a lot of books and watching hundreds of classic guru-courses, but the best of his knowledge came from the relations and lessons learned from the big business personalities. So he decided to start a company with the mission to bring a selection of “Business Titans” to the platform sharing with everyone their experience, mistakes and lessons learned in their career.

He then moved to London at 21 to build something big. He traveled and developed Titans Academy during 2019 in London, New York, Silicon Valley and Milan.

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