Strip Tipz the Mobile App for tipping exotic dancers

StripTipz is a mobile solution

Changing the way adult dancers get paid in the industry


All App Solutions starts its new project for the adult industry called Strip Tipz.  Strip Tipz has been created to change the way cash is handled in the strip club industry. 

The strip club industry has been a cash based industry since the beginning of the profession.  But post the worldwide COVID19 pandemic we are forced to rethink the business model and bring it into the future.  All App Solutions predicts the future is via Mobile Applications.

StripTipz is a mobile app that allows dancers to accept tips via their smartphone or  mobile device.  Dancers set up an account with their dancer profile and attach it to their banking source.  Then watch their cash tally increase while they dance on the screen of the mobile device.

This also creates a solution for security from theft.   Security is a very large issue with the dancers because of the cash based business.  Entertainers  walk out of the clubs sometimes carrying thousands of dollars on their person.  They also battle theft from other entertainers.  Using  StripTipz, they can leave their worries behind and only the entertainer knows what he or she made.

The CEO of ALL, who worked in that industry for 5 years said “I have watched money put in the most private places of a woman.  We, the girls included.   Used to think about how unsanitary money is and watch the girls finally become numb to the risk after a few high paying nights at the club.  But I always thought there has to be a better way to do this, there has to be a way to reduce the risk to the young ladies working in this profession.  This doesn’t even begin to address the theft and security issues the Girls faced daily with carrying bags of cash around.

For the people that visit these clubs like myself, the app makes it easier for us too.  No more visiting the cash machine at 11pm or searching for cash/ATM.  It gives us (the customer)complete anonymity and we can Tip any girl in the club with an account without leaving my seat. 

The app has many features and should be available for download sometime this year.   Because this is a payment platform there will be a small monthly subscription fee after the 30 day free trial.   

Stripping has become one of the fastest growing entertainment venues in our country.  Women are more open to becoming dancers, so we have to make it as safe as possible for them to get paid. It is a Billion dollar industry and has lasted the test of time.  Stripping will never fully go away, but it will change.  We are going to be a part of the change. 

StripTipz is a mobile solution for the exotic dancers of the world.