Sun Point Announces Team of 20 EMDR Counseling Therapists


LANCASTER, PA – Sun Point Wellness Center in Lancaster, PA is proud to announce they have expanded their therapy team with the addition of new fully trained EMDRIA therapists. The center is now the largest full-service mental health facility offering EMDR therapy in Lancaster County. Their focus on providing quality care for depression, PTSD and anxiety has never been stronger, and this expansion will allow the center to help more people find relief from emotional distress. They have collaborated with The Institute for Creative Mindfulness in order to provide evidence-based therapy.

EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) is the world’s authority on EMDR. From training to certifications, they set the standard for EMDR practitioners. Sun Point Wellness has an EMDRIA trained team of therapists that specialize in treating depression and trauma, offering services at their offices, or virtually through the Internet. The staff at this private practice is the largest fully trained team in the county, and has offices which allow them to provide a safe environment for patients suffering from PTSD or other mental health issues. They also offer confidential sessions online through virtual channels.

Sun Point Wellness Center’s highly qualified EMDR team in Lancaster includes therapists: Laura Morse (EMDR Certified), Jeff Johnson, Marcus Lewis, Breesha Comish, Yanina Marti, Shadena Natty, Jess Weiss, Marquas Fountain, Bridget Kelly, Kayla Woods, Wes Wilson, Morgan Soika, Sara Code-Kroll, Catherine Fitzgibbons, Madeline Schaefer, Lara Pyle, Kendra Tate, Vanessa Hofer, Alexandria Green, Curtis Wilson, and Vanessa Hofer. These counselors specialize in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) which empowers clients with trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, or other issues to process negative memories that are interfering with daily life.  With their years of experience the team has developed a therapeutic approach that is gentle and focuses on helping clients restore their own natural healing abilities to move past trauma or depression.

“Our team in Lancaster, PA, is here to help you,” says Executive Director Laura Morse. “We’ve assembled some of the most skilled therapists in the region with a breadth of experience in evidence-based approaches.  Their approach offers compassionate therapy sessions that are tailored specifically for each individual client’s needs.”

The therapists at Sun Point have received the most extensive training available by the EMDRIA Association. Their efforts are helping individuals in Lancaster, PA recover from experiences of loss, abuse and other traumatic events that are causing life obstacles. To learn more about the EMDR EMDRIA approved team at Sun Point Wellness Center in Lancaster, or to schedule an appointment for EMDR, couples counseling, and marriage therapy, visit

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Sun Point Wellness offers everything from therapy for teens to marriage and couples counseling. The team at the Sun Point Wellness Center specializes in EMDR counseling, trauma therapy, LGBTQ and sexuality issues, and individual therapy to improve relationships and encourage clients to create their most fulfilling life.

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