Sunrun Now Offers The Tesla Powerwall


Sunrun (Nasdaq: RUN)  Now Offers Complete Home Backup, Get clean, uninterrupted backup power for your entire home with the Tesla Powerwall. 


SAN FRANCISCO, CA  Reliable Solar Power for Your Whole Home

Sunrun is helping Americans take control of their home energy. Through Sunrun’s premium Brightbox™ solar storage service, you can now get whole home backup with Tesla Powerwall  for as little as $0 down.


Leaders in Solar Technology and Service

Tesla’s smart home battery, Powerwall, has brought high-quality, renewable energy and backup power to homes and businesses across the country.


As America’s leading residential solar and battery storage company, Sunrun is proud to meet your energy needs with industry-leading solar products, superior service and flexible financing options.


Whole Home Backup with Powerwall

With Sunrun and Tesla Powerwall, a brighter future starts today. Regain control of your energy and get your free quote to receive a fully virtual consultation. You’ll be connected with one of our expert Solar Advisors who can help you create a custom solar storage solution to meet your energy needs.


Uninterrupted Power for the Entire Home

Now, you have the option to power your entire home* through a blackout. In the event of an outage, your battery provides complete, continuous power and recharges daily when the sun rises.


24/7 Monitoring and Free Maintenance

We monitor your system 24/7. If your solar panels or Powerwall aren’t working at their full capacity, we’ll send an expert over to fix it.

Rate Protection

Access power when you need it most. For some regions, Brightbox uses Powerwall to provide electricity during peak demand times, buffering you from high rates.


About Sunrun


Sunrun Inc. (Nasdaq:RUN) is the nation’s leading home solar, battery storage, and energy services company. Founded in 2007, Sunrun pioneered home solar service plans to make local clean energy more accessible to everyone for little to no upfront cost. Sunrun’s innovative home battery solution, Brightbox, brings families affordable, resilient, and reliable energy. The company can also manage and share stored solar energy from the batteries to provide benefits to households, utilities, and the electric grid while reducing our reliance on polluting energy sources. For more information, please visit

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