Sustainable fabrics: 3 materials designers are using to make clothing more sustainable

Globally 92 million tons of textiles are thrown away each year with 85% of them ending up in landfills. In the USA 13 million tons of textiles end up in landfills, making this throw-away trend a serious problem. Fashion designer Illya Shpetrik aims to combat this problem with her innovative and sustainable fashion label

An exciting and passionate fashion designer has launched a new fashion label to fight against throw-away fashion. Illya Shpetrik has launched an innovative and sustainable fashion label called Illya Shpetrik Fashion which aims to reduce the number of textiles that end up in landfills around the world.

The Fashion designer, environmentalist, and conservation champion wants people to think more about the fashion they buy. Illya Shpetrik wants people to think about the damage throw-away fashion is causing the earth, and the impact it is having on nature.

Her fashion label is taking fashion in a new direction by using unique sustainable fashion and technology to make what people wear more environmentally friendly. With more than 92 million tons of fashion being thrown away each year, and more than 85% of that being put into landfills, Illya Shpetrik fashion is making serious changes. Some people have called the new label the green savior of the fashion world.

“Your fabric of choice directly affects the way in which raw materials are sourced. You may not realize it, but the clothes on your body have a direct correlation to farming, manufacturing, pollution, and fossil fuels,” explained Illya Shpetrik

These are not the only areas in which consumer clothing decisions have an impact. The end-of-life prospects of the clothing people buy will impact the world for years to come. It is now that people need to look at what they buy and think about where it will end up. That is where Illya Shpetrik fashion comes in.

Illya Shpetrik fashion is using more sustainable materials in their garments. No longer are those fashion items purchased from the green fashion label contributing to water consumption, pollution, greenhouse gas emission, the degradation of farm soil, the destruction of rainforests, or the overfilling of landfills.

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Fashion designer, environmentalist, and conservation champion Illya Shpetrik is a fashion designer like no other. His concepts are simple and timeless, but his outlook is more forward-looking than any other. Illya Shpetrik’s core belief when it comes to fashion is that the environment comes first and fashion second

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