TALi Text Analyzer Gaines Worldwide Exposure As A Leader In Its Field

TALi Text Analyzer app

TALi is a text analyzer that uses natural language processing and text engineering techniques to provide useful features and order statistics representing important figures in the text.

One of the most exciting and powerful text analyzer apps has been launched on the Google Play platform. TALi which is being used all around the world in industry and for personal use has been described as one of the best text analyzer apps on the market.

The new app which continues to receive worldwide exposure is much more advanced than the competition. It uses natural language processing and comes with a whole load of features to make it an important tool for writers, readers, students and NLP professionals.

It has been designed to make it easy to use for people with little or no technology experience.

 TALi Text Analyzer

Text can be loaded by:

1) Directly copy and paste the text you would like to analyze.

2) Providing a URL to the web page to be analysed. The URL can point to a pdf or any textual media.

3) Many file types are supported and can be converted to text directly like pdf, docx, xml, html, rtf or ods.

4) You can use the text recognition feature (OCR) to extract text from pictures or newspapers with high accuracy. OCR is fine-tuned, and a free-hand clipping tool is provided to reach uneven parts in the layout.

TALi and quickly recognize words and link them to Wikipedia. It can also process product reviews and extract meaningful insights. Other features include phone number recognition service where the user can match up numbers with the phone contact to identify a caller’s name. It can also detect an email address.


Other important features:


– Navigating directly to a recognized place using Maps;

– Ability to send emails upon detecting an email address;

– As pdf-to-text converter;

– Translate into 28 different languages;

– Language detection.

 TALi Text Analyzer

The new app  will retrieve the input text and process it where the results will appear in two tabs. With so many features available and being vital for so many different reasons, it is no wonder why so many professional people have become excited about TALi

It can help writers to improve their content which includes book writers and script writers where it will help improve while at the same time criticize the content so improvements can be made.

To learn more about the new app, please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lastefania.whosthis