She has no thought or plan when she is about to produce a song. Taurie simply looks around her, closes her eyes for a moment, and goes for it, typing away on her iPhone as she hums through each line that eventually becomes this artistic creation. It never takes more than a few minutes to capture what she is feeling and ultimately express it in a song.

On all her social media platforms, Taurie has a statement that says – ‘I Write Poems With Melodies’

“I cannot over analyze songwriting since it comes from the heart and impulsive. It is an expression and a spontaneous process for me. I think it, I feel it, I write it as a poem and then layer each line with melodies” says Taurie each time she completes the production of over 100 songs in her music vault.

Taurie’s latest single ‘HYPNOTIZE ME’ was written within a half hour at the studio while she was working on another song entirely. She heard the beat, captured its essence, and fused it with her signature sultry voice into a galactic quest for a lustful embrace.

The music video is even more alluring as Taurie whisks her thoughts from a video game theme into a galactic ship, dancing away with what looks like a DJ alien.

Why not. After all, all her songs, written by her are constantly exploring different concepts and emotions that love builds – lust, anger, desperation, pain, jealousy, compulsion, desire and many more.

Taurie shrugs off any notion of standardizing songwriting to fit one concept or the other. If it works for her with each captivating song, why change it.

You can check out her latest single on YouTube and download it everywhere music is streamed.