Taylor & Lassen are Here to Help With All of Divorce and Child Custody Representation Needs


San Antonio, Texas – November 2020 – Divorce and child custody conflicts are some of the hardest situations in life. In such a difficult, and likely painful time, there is a certain level of delicacy and care required to navigate the often choppy waters around these situations. As uncomfortable as the situations may become, people can push forward with the comfort of knowing that Taylor & Lassen, a leading San Antonio Lawyer Firm, are here to help everyone through this trying time.

Offering quality legal representation when needed the most, Taylor & Lassen are committed to ensuring that everyone can confidently approach the legal aspects of these life events. They recognize the importance of having access to an effective representative team during times like these and offer services at a low-cost to ensure all people can access the help they need.

The Phases of Life

As a small legal firm, they specialize in assisting clients who are in transition, looking towards the future, or undergoing a difficult period. Providing a client-centric approach, they take a holistically stylized representation methodology that works to not only resolve current situations but to also minimize any future impact of ongoing proceedings. Life happens and sometimes things are hard but Taylor & Lassen believe that everyone deserves the chance to start fresh and rebuild. Everyone is human and that means making mistakes or choosing different paths. Tomorrow is a new day, offering the opportunity for something new, and they are here to assist every individual to take the steps to begin again, starting with the present transitional circumstances.

Accreditations and Professionalism

As professional lawyers per Texas regulation, they are held to a high standard and strive to always meet the bar set for us to uphold and exceed. Everyone can always count on Taylor & Lassen to do all that is possible to legally navigate the current situation. Divorce and child custody can be tricky and time-consuming, especially if they are not no-fault or clean cut. They are here to assist everyone in making sense of the legal system and figure out what is best for both the adult parties involved and the children, alongside the other moving parts of the judicial system. They represent their clients’ interests and recognize their rights to fair proceedings, which Taylor and Lassen will pursue.

With decades of experience combined, both Judith Taylor and Joseph Lassen work together along with the rest of the Taylor & Lassen legal team to ensure that each individual has the tools needed in order to successfully petition the courts for any divorce and child custody needs.

About Taylor & Lassen

Built on Respect and Compassion, Taylor & Lassen provide compassionate representative care to the greater San Antonio, Texas area. They know how hard transitional periods in life can be and want to help everyone navigate them as painlessly as possible. With Taylor & Lassen, people can count on a respectful and human approach to everyone’s legal needs.

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