Tech to Market founder Onega Ulanova appointed to Retail Design Institute board


The entrepreneur has built a career working in the tech industry helping businesses grow to achieve their potential

November 19, 2022; Shreveport, LA – Entrepreneur Onega Ulanova was officially appointed to the Retail Design Institute as a board member. The Retail Design Institute “promotes the advancement and collaborative practice of creating selling environments”, and Ulanova will use her years of experience to help the organization grow.

The Retail Design Institute was founded in 1961. The Institute provides individuals within the realm of retail design with a platform to communicate. The Retail Design Institute ensures the industry has a strong voice and remains relevant. Members regularly participate in discussions and work toward solutions to challenging questions in the world of retail design. 

Ulanova’s role at the Retail Design Institute will provide her with a leadership opportunity. Ulanova will be tasked with many challenges as a board member, but with her background in retail and tech, will be well suited for the position. 

Ulanova is the founder of Shreveport-based Tech to Market. Tech to Market aims to make the process simpler for inventors, creators, and professionals seeking to get their inventions in front of the eyes of consumers. Ulanova works to eliminate the challenges of commercialization and product placement. Tech to Market hosts educational webinars, events, and mentoring sessions and offers a three-tier plan of education, matchmaking, and networking to help inventors achieve their potential.

Data is at the heart of Ulanova’s decision-making as an entrepreneur. She is purpose-driven and focuses on projects that provide meaning. Ulanova wants to enable other people to find success. Her work with Retail Design Institute will provide the opportunity to help individuals within the organization’s collaborative community. 

In addition to being the founder of Tech to Market, Ulanova was an appointee to the LA New Product Development team. The role allows Ulanova to delve further into innovation and business within Louisiana. LA New Product Development is a leading provider of product design, prototyping, and manufacturing services in Louisiana. The organization helps individuals take their ideas from product to launch.

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