Teddy Hayes and Donna LeFont join forces in streaming DABLOCK, a hip-hop based crime drama.


Vaughn Rian St. James plays the character Sarge BB.


Crime Fiction writer /producer Teddy Hayes and Atlanta based entrepreneur Donna Lefont recently joined forces to present a streaming hip hop drama called DABLOCK.

In 2013 Teddy Hayes had an idea to create a crime drama based around the hip hop culture.

He set the location in Miami, gathered a group of local actors and made 13 episodes designed for the internet. At the time Google news wrote that his idea could generate millions in revenue that was lost by a music industry because of file sharing. The reason being the drama was designed to discover and help market new hip hop as well as acting talent.

In this drama, each episode can be designed to introduce new musical and acting talent performing in the hip hop club where the drama is set.

To make this work Teddy knew it would require technology working along with the design that he intended for the drama. But soon he faced a major snag, which was simply that idea was ahead of its time. The technological capability that was needed to make it work was lagging behind. In 2013  smart phones with 4 and 5 G capability had not yet taken off and saturated the marketplace. Also streaming and affiliate service platforms were still in their beta modes. As a result Teddy put the project on the back burner.

However, as time progressed and technology developed, Teddy found himself where he always hoped he would be, which is in the position to offer audiences and talent a chance to see both new drama and music together in one package.

The popularity of new artists and actors is a unique selling point because it will allow for new music artist and acting talent anywhere in the world to participate in DABLOCK. Unsigned musical talent can participate by way of video inclusion and unsigned actors can become part of future casts.

In addition, the marketing effort will also include an affiliate component that allows for affiliates to earn cash by referring DABLOCK on to other potential viewers.

Donna Lefont who has 25 plus years experience working in the entertainment and film industries, previously working in marketing and sales for Turner Broadcasting and in theatrical exhibition with Lefont Theaters in Atlanta. She immediately recognized the value of the idea and joined with Teddy as a co-producer to present and promote the drama series via her growing community at her foodfilmmusic.com website based in Atlanta Georgia. “Timing is everything and now is the time to think and explore outside the box opportunities, reaching audiences in the new virtual frontier with direct to community engagement experiences.” says Donna.

Leading the DABLOCK cast is Miami based actor Vaughn Rian St. James who plays the powerful female drug dealer Sarge BB. Sarge BB becomes the driving force behind a group of friends who decide they want to bring hip hop and R&B music into their neighbourhood by transforming  the local bar into a music club called DABLOCK.

“DaBlock was a lot of fun to make.” Says Vaughn  “Sarge, my character says and does thing I wish had the gumption to do. It’s kind of cool to see a woman navigate her way through a business that can eat you alive. It will be interesting to see who survives getting in Sarge’s way.”

Teddy Hayes thinks that moving DABLOCK into circulation on the streaming platform will be the answer to those thousands of unsigned rappers, singers and actors that are waiting for their break into professional show business.  DABLOCK will start streaming in April 4, 2021. https://www.foodfilmmusic.com