Teddy Hayes The Baskerville Beast Wants A Bite Of The Big Apple


The Baskerville Beast wants a bite of the Big Apple.

What has always astounded and amazed me are the unlikely sources of theatre shows. This is especially true for the musicals. Who writes them, who finds them, who brings them to the stage?  How likely is it that a Puerto Rican actor/rapper would bring the colonial world of founding father Alexander Hamilton to life on stage and worldwide success? Or what about a Canadian comedy writing team who would bring unparalleled hilarity to the world of American Mormonism with “The Book of Mormon”. One of the things I’ve always loved about the theatre is that anything seems possible.

Now, another equally interesting, unusual and surprising combination of possibilities seems to be looming. This time in the form of a newcomer to the theatre world named David Stamps.

David left his native Flint Michigan for New York with stars in his eyes and made his earliest foray into the world of entertainment as a teenager in the 80’s on radio. His poetic prowess and verbal talents led to his discovery by the legendary New York radio DJ Frankie Crocker who gave him his own segment on WBLS, which at the time was the most popular station in New York City. Later, after being bitten by the theatre bug, David set his sights on becoming a producer. He began studying the dramatic arts including becoming a member of the Theatre Resources Unlimited (TRU) and taking The Producer Development and Mentoring Program where he would eventually develop his own play, “The Black Bullet Dichotomy.”

Recently David struck it lucky by becoming an Associate Producer of a musical version of the world’s most famous detective story renamed “The Baskerville Beast”, featuring the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. His job will include bringing an American lead producer as well as other investors on board.

After consistently good reviews and three successful runs in England, two of which were in Off West End theatres (London’s Off-Broadway equivalent) the musical’s creator Teddy Hayes decided to point the production towards New York where he believes audiences will also react positively.

If history is anything to go by, Hayes just might be right. At least history and the numbers are on his side. Sherlock Holmes is a world-famous brand that has consistently enjoyed international commercial success and is still going strong with both TV shows and films. During the past decade, the Robert Downey Jr. films have earned over a billon dollars internationally.

Stamps explained “What knocked me out about the show and made me ask Mr. Hayes to let me do it in New York was that it has all of the elements that makes a show work, from the songs to the humor to the drama. After working with him on other projects,  Mr. Hayes who I met through an international theatre mentoring program, decided that I had the ability to find the right people in America to make the production happen on an Off Broadway or Broadway level. As Associate Producer, it will allow me to work with experienced producers.”

The musical which will have its administrative base in London at Teddy Hayes Productions promises a way of using newly developed technology that will give the audience a lot to talk about was well as a jaw dropping immersive experience.

“The way I look at is, because of the product and its previous success in London we’ve already got the winning boat, so now all we have to do is get the right American crew to put the boat into the water,” Stamps says with a smile, as he wipes a bead of imaginary sweat from his brow.

Email contact: scribestamps@yahoo.com