Teen Entreprenuers Launch Summer Bootcamp to keep busy

The Entrepreneur Academy is a summer bootcamp for Teen Entrepreneurs who look to build business skills then can apply right away. The program has gained regional attention for their teams of student ambassadors ranging from 7th-11th grade.

San Diego, CA – The Entrepreneur Academy (TEA) was stood up in 2020 under SOCAL EED, Inc., a non-profit organization that supporters can contribute to in order to support the TYE competition and other educational programs that are designed to foster entrepreneurship.  Most recently, student ambassadors from the prior cohort decided to move forward in creating The Entrepreneur Academy Summer Bootcamp.

This 4-week summer session is designed as a hands-on bootcamp. Students will work in virtual teams guided by university professors and mentors and learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, including ideation, business model methodology, market research and customer validation, lean canvas, and pitching. This program also provides opportunity for letters of recommendation and is a resume builder.

As the Covid Pandemic began to cause cancellations of traditional camps and in person activities, the Teens behind The Entrepreneur Academy decided to turn their program virtual.  Said one student participant “We didn’t know each other at the beginning of the program – and by the end we made friendships that will last far beyond this program.  We got to know each other over Zoom Meetings and Conference calls – we adapted.”

Strategist, Maresa Friedman, Fortune 100 Brand Narrative expert was asked to bring in strategic dissemination skills to help bring the program to a wider audience.  Friedman stated “It’s very rare to have a group of students who are able to rapidly demonstrate the high-level business skills they have learned in such a short period of time.  I challenged the students to help be a part of the media process, because it’s really their perspective that I believe demonstrates this program in practice”.

The group of adults who serve as strategic advisors, mentors, and teachers to the students spans the range of the Who’s Who in Business.  Each one of them giving their time to help create, fosture, and nurture innovation.

Live videos and interviews of the students can be found on their Facebook Page here as well as a steller presentation on how to manage your business in changing times: https://www.facebook.com/tea.socal

Key benefits of the program include:

• Crash course in entrepreneurial education

• Team workshops & Lectures

• Enhanced abilities for students to improve their presentation and teamwork skills

• Letters of recommendations from mentors

• Participation in a real pitch competition

Enrollment for the Summer 2020 Entrepreneurship boot camp is open and applications can be found here:


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