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GBC Remodeling San Diego, CA has launched a campaign to help homeowners understand how they can reduce their monthly and yearly energy bills through an application of a wall coating. The leading remodeling company wants to introduce to people the benefits of Tex-Cote COOLWALL coatings.

With energy costs increasing and wages not meeting the inflation rate, it is important that people and homeowners find ways to reduce their bills and stretch their wages. One way to reduce energy bills is through applying Tex-Cote® COOLWALL coatings to a property that can reduce energy bills from 4 to 27 percent.

GBC Remodeling who are authorized Platinum Dealers for the TEX-COTE® line of paints and exterior coatings has put an important article together which highlights the difference between paint and COOLWALL coatings. This article looks at the pros and cons of using the different products to give homeowners a complete understanding so they can make an informed decision on what would be right for them and their property.

With the average homeowner spending on average $2,000 on utility bills each year, it is important to look at ways of reducing those costs. TEX-COTE® COOLWALL is one of the popular coating options from Tex-Cote and has been helping homeowners to reduce their energy bills. With the benefit it brings, a lot of new homes that are being built now apply COOLWALL.

Homeowners have looked at different ways to cool their homes down which includes installing cool roofs and air conditioning. However, air conditioning is expensive to run and could cost as much as $500 per month. Tex-Cote LLC which has developed COOLWALL coatings systems that can be used on different exterior walls can help reduce the cost of running an air conditioning unit.

When asked to explain more a spokesman for GBC Remodeling explained: “Tex-Cote’s COOLWALL system provides buildings with solar reflective cool walls to reduce the absorption of sunlight.”

GBC Remodeling, who offers a Lifetime Homeowner’s Warranty on all work they provide, can help homeowners to reduce their energy bills by applying the COOLWALL System to their property.


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