[Visalia, California, August 4th, 2020] Brian Carroll is the only presidential candidate who understands that freedom is having the right to do what you ought not to do what you want. He is promoting the #WholeLife platform of the American Solidarity Party ( that aims to enhance the natural institutions of Family, Friends, and Faith so we Americans can self-govern more and rely on government less.

Brian wants to show Americans tired of an ever-expanding state that the only remedy is to actively rebuild the fracturing support structures individualism has taken from us. Most people still understand that our primary relationship cannot work without sacrifice to our selfish interest. We seek policy that balances rights with responsibilities and caring for those closest to us especially the weak and vulnerable.

Brian Carroll and the ASP offer a dialogue about economics that breaks down the usual capitalism vs socialism argument. Workers should receive the direct benefit of their labor which means society should value widespread ownership. We promote preferential policy for small businesses, worker cooperatives, and employee stock ownership plans. This would actually shrink the need for government because business run and owned by employees have more incentive to self-regulate.

The American Solidarity Party stands as the only #WholeLife party that believes in BOTH/AND approaches to uplifting the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death. We advocate for universal healthcare, parental leave, stronger community safety nets, and more humane treatment of all of our elderly. We also are against any intentional ending of human life via abortion, the death penalty, and euthanasia.

Freedom means having the right to do what you ought to do, not what you want do.

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