The Beautiful And Talented Tatiana Sokolova The Star of The Thriller

Actress Tatiana Sokolova

The fabulous actress Tatiana Sokolova has just completed a major lead role in her latest movie Evening Installation, she wrote and directed.

Tatiana Sokolova is an American actress of Russian heritage. She was born in Moscow, Russia as Tatiana Sergeyevna Sokolova and grew up less than a mile away from Moscow Kremlin. Her father is a geologist by profession, while her mother was a candy-maker. During her college years, Tatiana Sokolova studied and earned a degree in management from Lomonosov Moscow State University, one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in all of Russia. After traveling to study abroad, Sokolova attended The Language Centre at the University of the Arts, London and gained a Certificate in Advanced English. 

Once Sokolova completed her prestigious education, she settled in the United States in 2014, with the help of the EB-5 Investor Program. She eventually became a naturalized citizen in 2019. Tatiana Sokolova has played in many movies. Her film credit includes Bloodthirst movie, which has a recognizable name in Tara Reid, where Tatiana Sokolova plays female lead vampire. Tatiana Sokolova is also starring in The Dunes where she plays nanny of lead actor’s child. Her most notable role is in the movie Evening Installation.

The thriller Evening Installation is a fast-paced movie. The plot is rather simple for a complicated production like this one. An installer called Guy Baker (Daniel Curtis Lee, Nickelodeon and Disney star) arrives to a young woman’s apartment one evening. Other than doing his job, the man also wants to the young lady Nina Chekmareva (Tatiana Sokolova), to be hospitable to him as if he were a fine guest. When Nina refuses to give him all this extra special treatment, the seemingly nice smiling young worker turns into a psychopath ready to torture her.

Tatiana Sokolova won several Awards for her movie Evening Installation including Best Actress, First Time Filmmaker and Best Female Director. Movie itself won several awards including Best Thriller Film and First Feature Film. 

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