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New courses on gaining respect, earning respect and the habits of respectful teams gain traction as employers seek to create thriving cultures post pandemic.

When Covid 19 hit, Gregg Ward, Executive Director of The Center for Respectful Leadership (CRL) knew companies and leaders were going to be challenged. With more than 20 years of experience dealing with leaders and teams, he knew the work he had built his career on would be more important than ever.

Ward’s work has been globally recognized with best-selling books like The Respectful Leader and while serving highly recognizable, global for companies like ADP, Intel, Kaiser Permanente and Qualcomm.  Often featured as a subject matter expert on Fox, ABC News and in international media outlets like Yahoo Finance, The Chicago Tribue and Entrepreneur – Ward is considered “The Voice of Respect.” His focus on Respectful Leadership and The Neuroscience of Respect ignite debates among executives on the importance of workplace culture to drive performance, partnership and productivity.

Starting in April 2020, during height of the pandemic, Ward galvanized business leaders’ attention with a Forbes Article titled “ New to Virtual Leadership? 5 Ways to Ensure Success While Respecting the Circumstances.  He talked about the elephants in the room – kids at home while their parents are trying to be executives, and the constant distractions that make working from home extraordinarily challenging for so many.

“The fact is,” Ward wrote, “the present reality is smacking many a good leader in the face, and in the interest of getting things done, they may be thinking that they should push respect, civility and decency to the side. But this would be a mistake.”

It was this type of direct, no-nonsense talk that has garnered the attention of well-known leadership experts like Maya Hu-Chan, a cross cultural management and leadership expert, Mauricio Velásquez, Founder of Diversity Training Group, and Dr. Silvia Mah, an Impact Investor known for her commitment to Servant Leadership. Ward quickly realized more than his small community held the same belief systems and desire to serve.  The challenge? Taking 6-figure executive programming and translating it to an accessible price point for companies and individuals that may be on a tight budget.


“As passionate as I am about my work, I also know that a 5 or 6 figure training engagement is a tough ask for smaller organizations. I recognized that all leaders – in any company with or without a title – should have access to quality information that allows them to grow and develop their skillsets.”

The solution? A strategic partnership between CRL and HR.Com which allows Ward to bring top-level enterprise level programming inexpensively to the masses in eLearning programs called  “The Roadmap to Respect”. is the world’s largest social networking site focusing on human resources professionals. members have access to articles, case studies, newsletters, polls, discussion forums, blogs, webcasts and other features. The courses from The Center for Respectful Leadership all qualify for continuing education credits.

The Roadmap2Respect/ Courses are…

  • Earn Great Respect, Build Strong Leadership – Gain an understanding of the impact of Respect on working relationships and ability to influence others without intimidation,
  • The Keys to Gaining Respect – Gain respect, understanding, and improved personal and professional relationships as a leader. Build an essential foundation of respect and understanding in the workplace to gain respectful leadership skills and ultimately improve productivity, efficiency, performance, and employee retention.
  • The 4 Habits for Respectful Teams – Gain an understanding of the impact of Respect on working relationships and build stronger, more resilient teams. is the largest social networking site dedicated to human resources professionals and its members have access to articles, case studies, newsletters, polls, discussion forums, blogs, webcasts and other features at an unprecedented level.

To see Gregg in action, learn more about CRL, and understand how Respectful Cultures thrive – join the on demand webcast “Becoming A Trusted Advisor: winning the respect and trust of leaders in a post-COVID world” and see why leaders say they,…

“…have been most satisfied with the perspectives he garners, the conclusions he reaches, and recommendations he offers.”

“Gregg has been instrumental in helping me implement the recommendations to achieve meaningful, lasting change. Gregg addresses difficult, contentious issues in a professional, dispassionate, fact-based manner. He does not shy away from the hard topics, he puts people at ease, and he elicits insights from staff that often can go unnoted.”


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