The Cody Springer Show is going to video in early 2022


What started out as a really small podcast four years ago has grown exponentially over the past year. “The Cody Springer Show” podcast that is hosted by Cody Springer has seen a lot of highs in 2021. The show has eclipsed over 20,000 downloads over 120 plus episodes and Springer is looking to take things up a notch in 2022.

For Cody Springer, podcasting is a passion. A way of expressing himself. He’s done it for over a decade on various other podcasts until beginning his own show in March 2018. The podcast struggled to get downloads over the first three years of the show’s existence and Springer would often take hiatuses from the podcast. It wasn’t until November 2020 that Springer would dig deeper to make his podcast grow.

Recovering from a near fatal accident, Springer was unable to work due to a debilitating injury. He decided that he would put more effort into his podcast. He moved his podcast to Anchor which is a growing podcast platform developed by Spotify. From there, he was able to get more eyes and ears on his podcast. With the growing downloads brought several unique podcast guest interviews. Ranging from artists, music producers, and content creators. In 2021, Springer interviewed artist Michael Wavves, singer/songwriter Kari Warburton, and artist Mac Montana to name a few.

Heading into 2022, Cody Springer wants to take his podcast to video with the goal of transforming it into something that’s more than just a podcast. The ambitious host drew inspiration from “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “The Pat McAfee Show” when making this decision. Springer’s idea is to turn his show into something you watch on a weekly basis and be entertained. Whether it’s a guest interview, analytical discussion, or it’s about a significant event. The video version of “The Cody Springer Show” is expected to launch in early 2022. You can find this podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and anywhere you listen to podcasts.