The Global Green-Roof Market Latest Innovation Is The M-Tray


The M-Tray has gained huge exposure for being easy to install. The modular trays click together to form a green roof

SOUTH CROYDON, UK, November 9, 2020 The UK’s green roof space has more than doubled over the past three years, one of the big names that are making strides in that market is Wallbarn. The South Croydon-based company has taken the reigns of the Green Roofs market by introducing M-Tray.

The M-Tray is a clever invention and one which has become a superior product in the Green Roof market. The manufactures looked at the best way to provide homeowners with a quality Green Roof system and came up with specially designed modular trays containing superior, engineered substrate and fully established flowering sedum. This system is easy to install and easy to maintain.

The green roof system (M-Tray) is specially mixed substrate for the longevity of plant life. It is 100mm deep and has optimum drainage which means stronger plants. The M-Tray is lighter and easier to handle than most other green roof systems and provides a longer life span.

When asked to explain more about the M-Tray, a spokesman for Wallbarn said: “M-Trays® are designed to click together forming a single verdant surface, and once the trays are connected they start to blend straight away, forming a seamless layer of vegetation.”

Each module is 500 x 500mm and homeowners don’t have to worry about maintenance of the green roof. It has been designed to provide minimal maintenance which means no more cutting. Wallbarn has used pre-grown sedum mats. They have thought of everything.

By using the M-Tray, homeowners can have an efficient green roof installed in the shortest time possible. Within no time at all they can have green coverage, changing the landscape of their roof forever.

The M-Tray Green Roof system does not only look great, but it also provides lots of benefits. They include ecological benefits, societal, and of course the many economic benefits.
One of the great benefits is how a green roof purifies the air, reduces the ambient temperature, and regulates indoor temperature. It also provides a rainwater buffer and saves energy.

These are just a few of the benefits that a green roof provides. Other benefits include that the M-Tray could increase the value of the property, it can also extend the life of the roof and reduce the costly repairs, and can creates a fire-resistant layer for the roof.
For those that care about the environment and want to reduce energy that is used within their home, then the M-Tray is the perfect solution.

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Module measures 500 x 500 x 100mm
4 x units make up exactly 1sq metre making estimating far easier
Carefully spaced drainage holes ensure modules retain water for longer, allowing plants to absorb more rainfall, increasing attenuation and delaying discharge into outlets
Design ensures even greater water retention at edges of module, preventing sedum from dying back at the edges.
Stronger plant growth at the edges creates a more seamless layer of vegetation when the modules are connected
Four gently ridged hand grips are positioned to enable installers to carry each module easier


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