The Greater Reset 2: Activation to Expansion


Free online event that takes place May 24th -May 28th from 12PM Central-4:30 PM Central.

Derrick Broze, John Bush and Ramiro Romano of the Freedom Cell Network welcome you to watch: The Greater Reset 2: Activation to Expansion.

The Greater Reset is the people’s response to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset which under the guide of environmentalism and ending poverty is leading to increased surveillance, centralization of power, and control.

At the first Greater Reset in January this year over 150k people visited the Greater Reset website during the 6 days live stream. This May join the highest-level Innovators in Freedom Philosophies and Decentralized Technology for an online conference to discover cutting edge strategies for individuals and communities to find freedom in their lives.

“The Greater Reset 2: Activation is an effort to counter the centralized vision being put forward by groups like the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset initiative. We want to offer an alternative that promotes localization, decentralization, permaculture, individual liberty, and living in harmony with the planet,” said Broze.

Daily Highlights Include:

May 24th Mind, Body & Soul: Heal yourself, heal the world.

May 25th Regenerate The Earth: Work with the earth and it works with you.

May 26th The Counter Economy: Freedom to exchange value.

May 27th Liberating Technology: Technology for people, not rulers.

May 28th Building Community & Strong Relationships: Tearing down walls between us.

“Our objective is to push beyond the problem and inspire participants to take control of their digital and physical lives, creating a life of peace and harmony,” said Bush.

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