The Growing Sleeping Problem In The Time Of Pandemic And One Of Its Fastest Solutions


According to Harvard specialists, due to the emotional and psychological effects of social distancing, lockdowns, and the pandemic as a whole, sleep problems are increasingly becoming an emerging casualty of the COVID-19 crisis. The insufficient amount of sleep is a considerable risk factor in development of noncommunicable disease and even death that could happen for a number of unspecified reasons. Difficulty in having a good night’s sleep can definitely aggravate both physical and mental health problems, however small and simple adjustments to an already altered routine may help fix many bedtime issues before they become chronic and hard to manage.

One of the best quickest solutions one can do is through investing in a quality mattress. It is good to note that in addition to the probable emotional burden brought by the pandemic, an uncomfortable mattress could be the primary reason behind problems such as insomnia, and other issues like body aches and body stiffness. It is quintessential to have a quality mattress that offers strong support for the spine and back that can translate into a good night’s rest. The ability to harness enough amounts of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep will have both a long-term and immediate impact on a person’s well-being. Hence, a night of great sleep is utmost for one’s overall health. Else, being tired and unproductive during the daytime will surely be the consequence.

A good night’s sleep can improve mental health, regulate the immune system, control body weight, increase happiness and decrease stress levels. This begins with looking for a quality mattress to provide support, comfort, and guarantee that a deep sleep throughout the night.

With over years of delivering expert sleeping solutions for customers across the country, Beyond Furniture can surely help anyone find a mattress that can fit any need. It is one of the few and top companies or mattress stores that offer patented technology to provide customers with the prime mattresses. It utilizes INTELLIFRESH™, an antimicrobial technology, and SANITIZED PLUMA technology, which inhibits the buildup of bacteria on the surface of the fibers and thus hinders undesirable odor development. The company also offers various types of Foam, Full Coil, Pocket Coil, or Components that comes in any size such as single, double, queen, small baby cribs, to irregular RV mattresses, to oversize Alaskan (aka California) King or any custom size in between. Beyond Furniture also has a wide range of texture, from soft, to silky, to all natural that uses fabrics such as Bamboo/Rayon, Cotton, Organic Cotton and more. Beyond furniture can definitely construct the mattress to the exact specifications to address the sleeping problems people deal during this pandemic.


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