The Instant Healthcare Platform FEEEL.HEALTH Medical Startup Gains Worldwide Exposure

feeel health platform
The entire process is streamlined and optimized. From asking for help, getting reliable information, finding the closest doctor and making an appointment to procuring the right medicine, keeping track of the medical history and learning ways to prevent and live healthier – everything is done in-app and it’s instant. Hassle-free, without waiting, without complications. Because when it comes to health there’s no time to lose.

With a multilingual healthcare system that unites people from all over the world, Feeel Health Medical Start-up ( is presenting the possibility for everyone in Europe to find the nearest medical care provider using your language anywhere in any country. What this means is that a Chinese Person in United Kingdom can search with ease the nearest medical care services around him or her using Mandarin

This service is currently available in 10 different languages with a lot of ongoing effort to break the language barrier to other countries.

Just like “Medical Facebook,” it is a booking med analytic that provides a platform where the entirety of the healthcare system is brought together under a unique platform. Patients use the platform to find medical providers nearest to them. With the use of artificial intelligence system search built to learn, recognize and search by symptoms, the patients can be assured of healthcare services such as weight index, prevention system, medical reminder for tablets, lifestyle analysis, cardiovascular risk analysis, and personalized medical advice.

It has a section for doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, dental laboratories, etc where they create profiles for every visitor from every part of the world to see. They also enjoy systems of promotion, systems of tracking notoriety, systems of tracking patients, systems of medical marketing, systems to increase the standard of medical care and attract patients with standard quality monitoring systems.

Feeel Health ( uses AWS technology (Amazon for data security and encryption) and is GDPR secure. In addition to being a complete medical service that goes beyond territorial and language barriers, it is totally free for everybody.

Presently, Feeel Health is the largest online medical service provider with the largest database and most advanced healthcare analysis system in the world. It is promising and reputable for innovation. Therefore, any investor that considers an investment plan with the company is welcome and they can assure you that you will live to appreciate this choice.

Feeel Health start-up is up to project the vision for a free world and extraordinarily complex and unique way of healthcare services delivery of Feeel.Health. Everybody from every part of the world is invited to be part of this dream.

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Providing integrated and interconnected care with all health care providers is the main mission of health systems, with the aim of increasing the efficiency and quality of the medical services offered to patients.

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