The Issara Sathorn Takes Luxury Living To The Next Level – Tirohanga

Chan Road, Sathon District

The new development is one of the most exciting building projects of 2020. The Issara Sathorn takes luxury living to the next level. The Issara Sathorn has been developed by the same developer of the luxury resort in Thailand Sri Panwa. The project location is Chan Road, Sathon District

Chan Road, Sathon District

A new development is one of Bangkok’s most exclusive locations takes luxury living to the next level. The Issara Sathorn development with a project value of 2,400 million baht has gained worldwide attention. The sole agent for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan the Tirohanga, has received a great deal of interest from parties in all corners of the world.

The building which has been designed by A49 has 37 floors with 270 units available. The luxury condo project has parking facilities for all residents. There are different types of apartments available with different sizes from a one-bedroom apartment to a penthouse.



Unit Size:

            1 Bedroom: 32.66 – 47.21 sqm

            1 Bedroom Plus: 37.21 sqm

            2 Bedroom: 56.96 -62.98 sqm

            2 Bedroom Plus: 88.14 -88.17 sqm



The construction started in 2020 and is expected to be completed by 2022. A spokesman from the Tirohanga Group has said they are receiving a great deal of interest from people who want to live in one of the best developments in the world.


“The completion date for this project is 2020. However, we don’t expect any units to be available by then. We are seeing a great deal of interest with units being snapped up. Those parties who are interested in the new development should contact us straight away to avoid disappointment.”


The Issara Sathorn development is ideally located with good schools and hospitals close by. The development provides people with the perfect dream location.



The Tirohanga Group are more than happy to discuss the development in more details.



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