The Jason Davis Band Announces Full Length ‘1 Minute To Midnight’

The latest from the Austin, TX band is a thrilling mix of classic rock, blues, and Americana.


In his long and award winning career, Jason Davis has earned a reputation as a true individual.  Effortlessly bouncing between genres, he turns his diverse influences into an eclectic and exceptionally compelling sound.  On his latest collection with the Jason Davis Band, he continues to break new ground, exploring adventurous soundscapes while staying true to the authentic storytelling that has endeared him to his fanbase.

Lead single ‘GFY’ encapsulates everything that makes Jason special.  With an evocative vocal performance from Jason Davis front and center, Jason and company unleash a set of memorable hooks that will hang around in listeners’ minds for days.

As the album progresses, we hear several different sides to Jason’s personality.  The romantic longing of ‘Nobody Told Me’ allows him to show off his gift for making unusual chord progressions palatable for mass audiences.  Over a guitar riff that reveals his love of classic rock, the track pays tribute to the greats of guitar rock while pushing the genre into bold new territory.

Jason continues to flex his hard rock muscles on the confrontational ‘Tell Me No Lies.’  As his band settles into a fist pumping slow groove, singer Holden Moyer delivers one of the album’s most memorable vocal performances.  Part bluesman, part swaggering rocker, he is a singer capable of commanding the attention of his audience.  Equally impressive is Kris Kelly’s soaring guitar solo that marks the track’s climax.  Listeners who lament the lack of hard rock in modern music will find a lot to love.

‘Which Way To Go,’ sung by Kris Kelly, provides one of the album’s highlights.  A raucous ode to wild nights out on the town, it is a shot of pure adrenaline, and a reminder of the live music experience we’ve all been missing.  When live music finally does make a full return, ‘Which Way To Go’ is the type of tune that will have audiences packing venues to rock out with their friends.

‘Walking Disaster’ delivers another virtuosic display of guitar pyrotechnics before evolving into a dramatic rock odyssey.  Jason and his bandmates and Dennis Munoz are masters of tension and release, always keeping things interesting with shifting dynamics and harmonies.  The rhythm section fulfills its duties perfectly, providing the energy and adrenaline Jason needs to power his way through the song.

Jason recently signed with Celebration Records, LLC, an independent record label based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Given the label’s unwavering commitment to promoting diverse artists from across the country, it is no surprise that Jason and his group feel right at home.  Since signing to Celebration, they have been on a creative hot streak, writing, performing, and recording songs at breakneck speed.

In a world of throwaway records where rock music often struggles for attention, The Jason Davis Band is a diamond in the rough.  ‘1 Minute To Midnight’ is a reminder of the vital power of rock and roll, one that will be welcomed by fans across the country.

‘1 Minute To Midnight’ is available everywhere Sep. 10, 2021

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