The King Has No Rules


RWANDA, December 3, 2020 How It All Began

You must have heard of great inspiring stories from around the globe. How people who once had little money in their pocket are now successful businessmen or entrepreneurs who have proved a lot to the world.

Similar is the story of a young man from Rwanda, a country in East Africa. The story is so moving and true, it may leave you sentimental, and you may have to grab a couple of tissues.

Igenera Nshumbusho Sadakati is a 21 years old successful programmer in his region.

You must be wondering about the age. This age is when a young boy starts dreaming of a goal, but Igenera Nshumbusho Sadakati managed to achieve his dreams. At such a tender age, he was able to earn his popularity, and he is now commonly known as King Swada.

Everyone, hail to the King!

King Swada was born into a family that is dominated by females. In other words, he is the only brother to 5 of his sisters. He stands on number 3 of the lineage. Given the fact that he is the only male child in the family, it was natural of his elders to expect a lot from him, and he lived up to everyone’s expectations!

King Swada is an ardent young man who chose to take the risk and looked at his fears in the eyes. He is a flamboyant individual who believed in himself and took the necessary next steps that proved to change his life forever!

Go Where Your Passion Leads You.

Igenera Nshumbusho Sadakati initially started off with primary schooling like any other regular child in the world. However, he dropped out in 4th grade in 2010 and managed to get himself into an Islamic school of advanced Quranic and Islamic teaching. Yet again, he dropped out from the Islamic school in 2015.

You may be aghast at King Swada’s decisions to leave his school, and his primary education. But what happens next may really move you.

It is natural of every human to feel worried and confused about what to do in life. Same was the case with Igenera Nshumbusho Sadakati. King Swada had no idea what to do with his life. He was completely clueless when he left his primary schooling.

The main idea about leaving school was to find an answer to the burning question in his heart. What was it that he was extremely enthusiastic about? What could he do to make himself successful, yet at the same time, follow his dreams and work on something he was eager about.

After a long journey, he finally realised what he loves doing the most. He found the answer to his burning question.

He wanted to pursue programming.

He realised all his passion lies in programming, and he started dreaming about pursuing a career in programming. It did not take him much time to get started. Soon, he found that his laptop was his best companion on this road to success.

He took to this laptop and started researching programming. It means he started from the very scratch!

He knew nothing about programming. However, where he stands today, with a company of his own at the age of 21 known as Exceed Rwanda Ltd, no one could have guessed that this guy laid his own foundation and struggled to build himself without seeking anyone’s help!

His company has now become a great success. Exceed Rwanda Ltd has definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations and is doing very well. It has become the major source of earning for our King.

Who could have guessed a regular boy who chose to drop his primary schooling would have become this successful. That too, at an age where people do not even get their first bachelor’s degree.

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