The “Leaders’ Leader” Gordon Tredgold named No. 6 on Global Gurus Top 100 Leadership Experts and Speakers list for 2021


London, UK – Award-winning corporate motivational speaker, Gordon Tredgold, has been officially named No. 6 on Global Gurus Top 100 Leadership Experts and Speakers list for 2021. Tredgold is known as the “Leaders’ Leader” and has amassed a career working with some of the world’s top executives at Fortune 500 companies.

Since first entering the field of corporate motivational speaking, Tredgold has benefitted others with inspirational talks. Tredgold’s work has helped transform companies, teams, and business executives, enabling them to achieve incredible results.

Tredgold enjoyed 30 years in the corporate world learning the tricks of the trade and how to inspire others to achieve greatness. He has delivered multiple $100 million projects ahead of schedule for large organisations and developed large teams in various business sectors. Unlike many corporate motivational speakers, Tredgold has the actual experience on the ground to back up his speaking engagements.

He is the author of three renowned books: FAST – 4 Principles Every Business Needs to Drive Success and Achieve Results, Leadership it’s a Marathon Not a Sprint, and Practitioners Guide to Leadership. In addition, Tredgold has written more than 1,400 articles for some of the biggest business websites and magazines in the world, including Inc, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune and many more.

Tredgold will host a special online Breakthrough Leadership Masterclass beginning April 22. The six-week online class will give learners the chance to improve their careers, build their businesses, and hone their skills. Learning leadership skills will help any individual regardless of running a business, leading a project, managing a team, or attempting to achieve a personal goal. Tredgold’s online course and motivational speaking courses can help those aiming to achieve more in their careers.

For more information on Gordon Tredgold, please visit his official website. To read the official Global Gurus Top 100 Leadership Experts and Speakers list for 2021, please visit the company’s website.

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