The Level-Up Summit Welcomes Powerhouse Guest Speaker: Dr. Nicole S. Mason to the Stage


The results are in! The Level Up Summit hosted by “Butts in Seats Queen” Kearn Cherry, CEO & Founder of PRN Healthcare & Cofounder of Success Women’s Conference, was an Absolute Success!

Powerhouse Speakers from all over the US and Internationally chimed in to impart words of wisdom, inspiration, and fundamental keys for Women and Men to LEVEL-UP!

One standout Powerhouse Speaker was: Dr. Nicole S. Mason

Left Side: Dr. Cheryl Wood (Headliner Speaker), Kearn Cherry (Level-Up Event Host), Dr. Sonja Stribling (Headliner Speaker), Magie Cook (Headliner Speaker) /Center: Dr. Nicole S. Mason (Guest Speaker)/ Right Side: Min. Nakita Davis (Guest Speaker/Event Billboard &PR), Forbes Riley (Headliner), Natasha Grano (Headliner), & Erik Swanson (Headliner).

Dr. Nicole S. Mason inspired global audiences with her signature talk entitled:

Bust Out of the Box

Dr. Nicole revealed 3 pivotal tips to Success. Event participants learned how to:

1) Acknowledge Where You Are

2) Believe that There Is More

3) Courageously Plan and Pursue

More on Dr. Nicole S. Mason

Dr. Nicole S. Mason is an international speaker, coach, attorney, and an award-winning author. She is dedicated to helping high achieving women reach their next level in life by creating the success they really want, so they realize their greatness personally, professionally, spiritually, and financially!

With a very bold and confident spirit, Dr. Nicole is intentional about pushing and provoking women to Show Up Great, Speak Up with Confidence and Stand Out with Courage. She has been showcased in more than 300 media outlets around the world. She was recently published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul® Miracles & Divine Intervention Book.

What’s Next for Level-Up Powerhouse Speaker Dr. Nicole S. Mason

Dr. Nicole S. Mason presents the first of its kind – a book collaboration of African American, Christian men, sharing in a very vulnerable, transparent manner parts of their lives. Faith For Fiery Trials: Men Impacting Men With Real, Raw and Relatable Stories is a compendium of stories that touch on recovery from drug addiction, managing anxiety, surviving the loss of a child and so much more. It will be a life changing read for men and the women that love them! The book launch is scheduled for Saturday, May 15.

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