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The Little Known Secret That Turned 2 Brothers into Real Estate Tycoons


Deep down you’ve probably always wanted to be a big time Real Estate Investor. Everyone knows that real estate investing is a proven method to building massive wealth, but how do people even get started?

Well that’s the same dilemma that two brothers faced when looking for a career as real estate investors. The Ligon brothers (Michael and David Ligon) were typical 9 to 5 construction workers that dreamt of a better life for themselves and their families. In their younger years the duo tried numerous jobs and attempted several businesses in their search for a vehicle to wealth. It wasn’t until David heard a commercial over the radio for a real estate investment seminar that things finally started to take shape.

That seminar would be the first step towards what is now a real estate empire. At that time they were just hourly employees, yet at that seminar they were sitting in the same room with multimillionaires. It was at that moment they knew real estate investing was a proven method to build the life that they wanted and needed for their families.

They spent the first couple of years learning everything they could about real estate investing and became experts on every available investing method. Once they began doing deals on a regular basis they started to adjust and modify the old teaching to increase their profits and minimize their liability. As the years went on they began perfecting new investing techniques and creating new systems for investing in real estate without the typical requirements.

Now Michael and David Ligon own one of South Florida’s largest real estate investment firms. They’ve done hundreds of real estate deals and thousands of real estate transactions. As expert real estate gurus, they’ve created an online training center called LigonU to train others with proven methods to building wealth.

Normally when you begin a career in real estate investing you need to have adequate funds because properties cost money. However, the Ligon Brothers developed special tactics that allowed them to acquire properties with little to no out of pocket expenses. One of the systems they created is called the “Real Estate Connector Method”. With this method you can start investing in real estate without any out of pocket expenses and with zero liability in the deals. This is an excellent entry point for anybody looking to become an investor.

Another system that they created is called “The MLS Digital Flipping Method”. In this system they teach investors how to use already listed properties as a source of endless inventory. Anyone that’s ever attempted to do a deal in real estate knows how hard it is to find properties…  It can cost thousands of marketing dollars to find motivated sellers, but sellers that have listed their properties for sale are already motivated. In addition to providing an endless source of inventory their entire system can be performed digitally from anywhere.

For more information on the Ligon Brothers and their mentorships visit their website at www.LigonBrothers.com

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