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The Living History of Medicine: Award-Winning Doctor’s Fascinating Book Delivers Compelling Glimpse into Human Side of Medical Advancement

Top Aesthetic Practitioner in the World 2019, Dr Patrick Treacy’s latest book introduces to many for the first time the concept of Dr William Osler’s ‘Goddess of Medicine’; and the battles, challenges and hardships faced by those medical practitioners determined to find ways of halting, diminishing and curing disease.

UNITED KINGDOM – Published on 21st July 2023, this latest book by Dr Patrick Treacy delves deep into the lesser known details of those pioneers who have changed the face of modern medicine. Bringing together the author’s encyclopaedic knowledge with his immersive writing style, The Living History of Medicine enthrals and enlightens those keen to better understand how all medical advancements have at their heart the determination, daring and commitment of those whose names most of us never know.

Taking readers on a medical journey by way of William Osler’s (the author of the first significant and scientific textbook of modern medicine, published in 1892) ‘Goddess of Medicine’ this modern day pioneer of aesthetic procedures regales readers with medical insights through the centuries and from around the globe.


An intriguing exploration of the minds, determination and true grit of those responsible for shaping modern medicine, Dr Treacy has excelled in writing this insightful compendium.


The Living History of Medicine is a living one and involves much more than reflecting on the battles that have been won or lost in the ever-changing struggle against disease. The living history really lies within man himself and too often the human side of this story is neglected. As doctors, we have been trained to focus on the signs of disease and consequently, we pay little attention to the people who discovered them. When we read in our pathology texts about the interesting triad of defects in an illness such as Hand-Schuller-Christian disease, we tend to forget about the doctors who faced great personal hardships to bring us the information we now use to treat the disorder. Dr Treacy is recognised as one of the most influential aesthetic practitioners in the world. He was awarded ‘Top Aesthetic Practitioner in the World’ (2019) and ‘Doctor of the Year’ UK & Ireland (2019). In this fascinating book, he takes us on a journey with Osler’s famed ‘Goddess of Medicine’ and explains how she is continually on the move, fleeing from battles, tyranny, and oppression, seeking to find a home where man can have study pathology in peace. She has moved from Edinburgh to Dublin, from London to Vienna, from Berlin to Maryland, then onwards to California to guide doctors in the wonders of new technologies, translating the genetic blueprint, manipulating defects in the data code of our existence and help us all fight the more complex diseases like the coronaviruses of the new millennium.

Published by Austin Macauley Publishers, The Living History of Medicine is available in hardcover (ISBN No: 978-1398498259 and priced £25.59), paperback (ISBN No: 978-1398406490 and priced £20.25) on Amazon at and

It is also available to purchase from the publisher’s website at

About the author:

Dr Treacy was awarded the Top Aesthetic Practitioner in the World 2019 at the MyFaceMyBody Global Awards (Las Vegas). He won the Doctor of the Year Ireland 2023 (Cork) and UK & Ireland 2019 (London). He is recognised as one of the most influential aesthetic practitioners in the world being amongst a few doctors in the world to have won the coveted AMEC Trophy three times. He was given the PAADS Award (Karachi 2023), the AIDA Trophy (Abu Dhabi 2019), the MyFaceMyBody Award (London 2018), the Azerbaijani College of Medicine Trophy (Baku 2017),  the Irish Healthcare Award for Medical Research (Dublin 2017) and the CCME Medal (Mexico 2016) for research contributions to Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Treacy is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (London). He has featured on CNN, Dr Drew, RTÉ, TV3, Sky News, BBC, and Newsweek.

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