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The Lordship of Ennerdale and the Baronial Rights of Ennerdale Copeland Acquired by Commissioner George Mentz

After almost 450 years since the death of the “Nine Day Queen” Lady Jane Grey, the manorial lordship rights to the Crown Manor of Ennerdale in Cumbria near Scotland have been acquired by the Commissioner George Mentz, Esq., Seigneur of the Fief Blondel of Crown Guernsey. Ennerdale is one of the largest manors in the UK.

Mentz is now is seised with Full Title Guarantee of the legal and beneficial title and ownership of the Lordship of the Manor and Forest of Ennerdale or by whatever name the same may be known in the County of Cumberland with all the rights, intellectual property, manorial land, incidents, members and appurtenances thereto belonging, the same having been acquired for good and proper consideration on 4th October 2023.  The Ennerdale rights were sold by the the Earl of Lonsdale and Viscount Ullswater and now have been transferred to the Comm’r Mentz, Seigneur of Blondel.

The Crown Manor of Ennerdale has been anciently known as the Barony of Copeland or Couplandia and also the Forest of Ennerdale or Forestum de Coupland. The Copeland forest was partitioned into three parts in 1338 after the death of John de Multon where much of the Copeland barony went to the Church with the Ennerdale portion being separated from the barony into private royal hands.  Thus, Ennerdale was the last existing moeity portion of the feudal Barony of Copeland that was forfeited directly to the Crown in 1554.   Almost 300 years later, the Queen sold the last portion of the barony (Ennerdale) directly to Earl Lonsdale’s family in 1821. Other esteemed owners of Ennerdale include the Queen Lady Jane Grey, Barons of Whitehaven, The Crown, Prince Charles, Earls of Northumberland, and the Dukes of Suffolk.


Ennerdale was originally part of Scotland at the time of the Norman Conquest. The Manor of Ennerdale territory is historically a bit larger than Manhattan New York USA and is surrounded by mountains, glacial lakes, rivers, forests, waterfalls, hiking trails, and Viking ruins and stone circles with the Ennerdale Valley being a National Masterpiece !  Ennerdale is one of the largest fishing and hunting manors in the UK, and the Crown Seignory of Ennerdale is one of the few titles and grants that has been sold and conveyed directly from the Sovereign in recent history.

Norse immigrants settled here in the 12th century.   Over the last 2,000 years, Cumbria changed hands between the Roman Empire, Angles, Norse (Norwegians, Danes and Hiberno-Norse), Kingdom of Rheged, Kingdom of Alba, Kingdom of Strathclyde Brythons, Picts, Normans, Scots and English. The Lords of Ennerdale of Copeland area were  under the rule of Scottish and English Kings for centuries until the 1237 & The Treaty of York.

From a historical and VIP celebrity perspective, Ennerdale inspired Wordsworth’s poem The Brothers in 1800. Many films have been shot in Ennerdale Manor and even Bill Clinton proposed to Hillary at Ennerdale while in college.  

Ennerdale Manor contain up to 17,000 acres. The area of the township is 17,782 acres. Whitehaven receives its water supply from Ennerdale. Ennerdale Forest is about 7,500 acres.  The glacial lake, Ennerdale water  is about 1,400 acres large, and the expansive common areas contain roughly 11,000 acres.  The ancient Head of Ennerdale (Capud de Eynerdale) is near Gillerthwaite.  Some ancient families of Ennerdale have been styled the:  “Kings of Ennerdale”  and the manor even includes the ancient Broadmoor Plantation.    There are many Fells or Mountains in or surrounding Ennerdale Valley including Kirk, Haycock, Caw, Lank Rigg, Grike, Great Borne, Red Pike, High Stile, The Pillar, Scoat Fell, Ennerdale Fell, and Great Gable.  Most of modern-day Cumbria was a principality in the Kingdom of Scotland at the time of the Norman conquest of England in 1066 and thus was excluded from the Domesday Book survey of 1086.

Commissioner Mentz plans to work with charities, environmental leaders and water preservation activists to protect the rights and beauty of Ennerdale for generations to come.  Today, much of Ennerdale Valley is managed by  Wild Ennerdale, Forestry England, United Utilities, The National Trust and Natural England.

To contact the office of the Manor of Ennerdale, please email Commissioner George Mentz JD MBA, Attorney at Law at or enjoy reading the new historical resources website

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