The owners of Taylor & Taylor Credit Solutions, Terry and Yoshita Taylor, offer hope to thousands of Americans who are trying to repair their credit


Having bad credit can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. Low credit scores put people at a financial disadvantage, such as being denied a credit card or paying higher interest rates on loans. Furthermore, it causes a cyclical pattern of problems that affect housing, job, mental health, and relationships, driving millions of Americans deeper into debt and even resulting in bankruptcy declarations. Poor credit has a stigma attached to it that may be crippling, but those who have been able to overcome these systemic challenges know that there is hope for financial redemption and stability.

Young entrepreneur Yoshita Taylor, founder of Taylor & Taylor Credit Solutions, is utilizing her platform to change the process of credit restoration for countless individuals across the country after rebuilding her credit score from the ground up during a period of financial difficulties.

Yoshita Taylor, is driving a movement to enable Americans to improve their credit, is a rising star in the credit repair industry at the age of 38. Yoshita’s credit repair business, Taylor & Taylor Credit Solutions (her and her husband’s credit restoration business), arose from her own experience with credit repair and her desire to share the skills she developed to attain financial success. Like many young adults, Yoshita experienced tough personal situations that caused her credit score to fall immediately, leaving her trying to catch up.

After paying two organizations to help her rebuild her credit score but receiving poor results, Yoshita took matters into her own hands and rebuilt her credit score on her own, gaining a passion for the procedure in the process. She began assisting friends and family on the path to credit recovery after seeing the effectiveness of her tactics in her own credit success, which she sees as “an honor and a blessing.” Yoshita founded Taylor & Taylor Credit Solutions with these tried-and-true tactics and a passion for helping those in credit difficulties.

In just four years, Taylor & Taylor Credit Solutions has helped over a thousand people get back on their feet financially. Yoshita’s client base is growing quickly as a consequence of her natural capacity for advocacy, financial prowess, and real and engaging coaching style. Taylor & Taylor Credit Solutions provides one-on-one credit counseling, personal finance coaching, debt negotiation,  bureau challenges, DIY credit repair letters, and complex credit restoration programs, all with the goal of advocating for and helping customers to overcome their credit problems.

The program has a slew of amazing testimonials touting newfound financial freedom to buy dream homes and praising the Taylor & Taylor Credit Solutions team’s passion, expertise, and patience. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic’s financial turmoil, Taylor & Taylor Credit Solution’s reputation for dependability and excellence distinguished the company as one to watch.

Terry Taylor , her husband, has also contributed to the company’s growth, “Taylor & Taylor Credit Solutions .” Terry’s marketing strategies enabled her to triple the company’s revenue. Terry , on the other hand, was introduced to the start-up of their second company by Yoshita , and they were able to grow and focus on the enterprise together. “Without each other’s help and God, they don’t know where they would be now,” Yoshita says. Terry had a full-time 9-5 job loading, which Yoshita despised because it meant she couldn’t spend as much time with him. She sat down with Terry and they discussed various options, which led to the formation of the second credit repair company that will be launching soon. In such a short period of time, the two have accomplished so much.

In addition to her credit repair experience, Yoshita Taylor has a wealth of knowledge about how to flourish as a young entrepreneur. If you want to follow in her footsteps and start your own company, her advice is to focus on your goals and understand that success does not happen quickly. “Anything in life will not come easy, and if it does, you should either not desire it or recognize that it will be temporary,” she says. Yoshita Taylor is a natural Alpha female in the credit repair industry , and she will be for years to come, thanks to her passion for empowering people, her expertise in credit restoration, and her desire to share her entrepreneurial experience.

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