The People Behind Rolliways Talk About Their Exciting Puzzle


One of the most exciting new puzzles is gaining huge attention. The Rolliways which was invented by two friends is being described as the next best thing in the puzzle world.

The idea came from Dmitry and Rostislav who wanted to come up with something unique, and they have done just that.


Rolliways once on the shelves is going to be one of the biggest selling puzzles of recent years. It will bring people of all age’s hours of fun, but to achieve that, Dmitry and Rostislav are asking for help.

They have launched a crowdfunding campaign to make their puzzle dream a reality. The crowdfunding campaign will not only help the puzzle get into development much sooner, it will also allow people to get their hands on Rolliways before it hits the shops.

So, we decided to get together with the two founders and find out more about Rolliways, this is what they had to say.

First of all, please introduce yourself

We have two founders Dmitry and Rostislav. In the past we were only friends, now we are friends and partners.

You have launched a crowdfunding campaign; can you explain more about the campaign?

We have been dealing with laser cutting for several years now. We produce various products from plywood and wood. At the moment, our main product is figured puzzles made of wood. And we really hope that RolliWay will become one of the main products.

Can you explain more about RolliWays?

RolliWays is a collection of many tracks and interactive elements. Thanks to which you can build thousands of different combinations of tracks for the ball. Even in a single-track combination, the ball can behave differently. And each launch of the ball becomes a mystery whether it will reach the finish line.

So, who came up the idea?

Once we were sitting in a production facility at the end of the working day, watching various videos on the Internet and came across a marble run. We made a small prototype and hung it on a flipchart. In the morning, the beginning of the working day for the employees shifted as everyone was stuck in the RolliWays prototype. After that, the visitors of our production drew attention to it. And it was decided that the masses should learn about our product.

Why have you decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign instead of going through the traditional route?

We are very interested in the crowdfunding format. This is something new for us. It is on crowdfunding to see whether our product is interesting to people.


When do you think RolliWays will go into production?

If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, RolliWays will go into production a few weeks before it ends. Thanks to the early start of production, we want our customers to receive the products as soon as possible and give us feedback.

Once RolliWays has hit the shops, do you plan any other developments?

Most likely we will immediately start developing new elements for RolliWays. After all, only thanks to new cool novelties will we be able to conquer the hearts of people.

Some people have said, as well as being a great puzzle, it could also be used as a way to relax for people who have had a stressful day, was that your intention?

As we already wrote, initially it was our intentions just to collect a prototype of a marble run for ourselves. But yes, having received feedback from employees and visitors, we realized that this is not just a puzzle …

What age group are you intending to attract for your puzzle?

Our puzzle has no age limit. Most likely it will be more interesting for children from 12 years old and adults of any age.

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