The PrideStark Empire Makes a Triumphant Return to Esports World


In 2019 Way Stark and The PrideStark Empire took time to reassess their goals and vision, and now with renewed energy, reclaim their foothold in competitive esports by acquiring Hope Esports. Hope Esports’ mission to create a positive environment for gamers through health and wellness was important to Stark.

Pridestark is fortunate to have the backing and support of the powerful media corporation, Vision Media which provides private streaming, video on demand, digital signage, fulfllment and activations. Michelle Ross, Vision Media’s CEO, is especially excited to help Pridestark reenter the esports industry with women at the forefront.

Finding the right partners who align with PrideStark’s philosophy was important. Director of brand engagement, Heather Blair, reached out to Hint water due to Hint’s focus on healthy hydration. “We are excited to be hydrating the players at PrideStark. We know how thirsty these players get and offering them a drink like Hint will allow them to focus and do what they want to do most — play”, says Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc. The esports industry tends to drink energy drinks full of caffeine, PrideStark plans on breaking that mold.

Pridestark is also partnering up with UKnightedXP and Helping His Hands to spearhead the org’s charity and fundraising events. Pridestark is releasing a new jersey line to commemorate the Hope Esports acquisition, and the jerseys are being made exclusively by P3 Gear. oVertone hair color is providing Way Stark with amazing hair colors to match his personality. Wicked Grips, the ideal solution for sweaty palms while playing XBox and PlayStation, has provided grips and a custom promo code.

All sponsors will be included in shout outs from streamers and in social media. PrideStark is currently looking for jersey sponsors as well as tier 3 sponsors to support tournaments.

FInally, Pridestark will be announcing new esports teams in various genres such as FPS, MOBA, and the FGC. Be on the look-out for explosive team announcements, online events and live events when deemed safe to do so by following PrideStark’s twitter @pridestarkgg.

The empire is rallying.

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