The Smallest And Lightest Car Seat Is Set To Be Launched

A new car seat which is lightweight and portable is set to hit the market. The Taxie Professional car seat is designed for children from 15 months and older. Since it was announced that the new car seat was due to hit the market, it has gained huge exposure around the world.

A new car seat that has changed the child car seat industry for good is causing huge excitement around the world with the media and parents alike. Unlike other child car seats on the market, this one is portable and easy to store. The Taxie professional car seat is the smallest and the lightest ECE-R129 child car seat designed for all children over 15 months old.

We care about child safety.

If only child car seat small enough to store on every car, then children will be well protected. That is the reason for us to develop Taxie. Our design allows transportation like Taxi and Uber to carry a child car seat all the time. Children between 15months to 12 years old will be protected at the latest ECE-R129 standard.

What is the problem?

After our study, we know there are three reasons to stop a taxi driver from providing a child safety seat:

1. Different ages of a child require a different type of seat

2. A child safety seat is too big to store in a car boot

3. Child seat’s logistics waste time and fuel

Our award-winning Taxie is designed to solve all these problems! Now there are three types of child safety seat – one for infants, one for toddlers and another for children four years and above. And because parents usually transport the infant carrier, we do not need to concern ourselves with that here.

As a taxi driver picking up families, you face a problem – you can’t carry two sizes of the child safety seat to accommodate every fare requirement. Imagine you are a taxi driver who has received a call from HQ, asking you to pick up a family with a small child from the airport and take them to a hotel in the town centre. So, what you might have to do is: go to HQ and collect the correct size child safety seat. Then travel to the airport, collect the family, and take them to their hotel. After dropping them off, you need to go back to HQ to return the child safety seat, before you can be available.

Taxie by Trafold was created to help drivers provide a better service. Taxie was designed for children of 76cm and above with a scalable product the size of a piece of hand luggage. Just unlock the base, flip it over, adjust the headrest, and you are good to go. When you finish, simply fold it back up and store it in the boot – leaving plenty of room for passenger luggage.

Now in this new scenario, the driver can accept the fare, go straight to the airport, collect the family, and take them to their hotel.

Save time and save fuel by reducing downtime by half.

Taxie is world’s smallest+lightest ECE-R129 professional child car seat.

We address the three concerns that professional drivers usually have. Moreover, we see there is growing concern about the hygiene of public transport, and that lead us to develop Safe-T Shield protection.

Safe-T Shield

Taxie’s unique Safe.t Shield application on child car seats. Keeps taxi drivers and passengers safe. Trafold has developed Safe.t Shield and incorporated it into the Taxie child car seat.

But how can this work? ​

1. The integral bacterial and fungal protection

Safety.t Shield is based on Zinc Pyrithione and applied to cloth during the dyeing process. It will first destabilize the bacteria and fungi cell membrane, then inhibit the generation of energy and finally prevent the storage of energy, which prevents bacteria and fungi from multiplying and spreading on its surfaces.​ ​

2. Easy clean coating

A splash-proof layer, applied to the cloth cover, prevents liquids passing through the cloth cover, thereby keeping the car seat structure clean. It also means that dirt cannot cling to the cloth cover surface, making it much easier to wash or wipe clean. ​

3. Night Safety Feature The reflective element added to the cloth cover makes the safety seat visible in a darkened situation. Increased visibility at night means an increased safety level for the driver and the passengers. Furthermore, the seat designed for children of 1 year and above, which, when folded, is the size of a piece of hand luggage. Just unlock the base, flip it over, adjust the headrest, and you are good to go. When you finished, just wipe it down, fold it back up and store it in the boot – germ-free – with plenty of room for passenger luggage.

Safe-T Shield Sanitized hygiene seat stops bacteria and fungi spreading, and it’s very easy to clean.

Taxie is an award-winning product by an award-winning team.

Taxie just received Red-dot design award 2020. This year, a total of 4,170 entries from 52 countries were submitted. Upon the conclusion of the adjudication, the Red Dot was awarded to 230 concepts. Only 5.5% of the entries win an award, making our achievement in the Red Dot Award an outstanding feat of accomplishment.

The team is working hard to launch Taxie professional car seat on a crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo. More details will be released in August. And if you want to know more information, please visit

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