The Taco Street Co. Taco Mobile Food Truck Is The True Taste Of Dayton in Ohio

Taco Mobile Food Truck

A Taco food truck is setting the taste buds alive with their amazing food. The Taco Street Co. Taco Mobile Food Truck is visiting streets all over Dayton to the delight of food lovers. Since being launched, the new food truck has been credited for providing customers with food they will never forget.


A Food Truck that gives people Great Taco Experience’s is delighting food lovers in Dayton, Ohio. The Taco Street Co mobile food truck is doing its rounds around Dayton, Ohio to give those that love their Taco food the best tasting experience they have ever had.


For those who are a fan of Mexican food, then they need to visit The Taco Street Co. mobile food truck. The Taco Mobile Food Truck is offering customers easy access to the true taste of authentic Mexican food from their local street corner.

Dayton in Ohio taco food

The principle menu of the Dayton, Ohio food truck is Fish Taco, Shrimp Taco, Chicken Taco, Taco Street Classic, Vegan Taco, Quesadilla’s, Five Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken Quesadilla, Ground Turkey Quesadilla, Shrimp Quesadilla to name a few. The food is cooked to perfection and feels like dining in one of the top Gordan Ramsey restaurants. Other menu items include Taco Street Corn on the Cob, which really will take those taste buds on a romantic cuisine journey.


The founder of The Taco Street Co. said: “Our mobile taco trucks are in response to customer demand. Our customers want fantastic food at affordable prices, and food that they can have easy access to. With our popular menu, we are giving customers the true taste of Mexico.”


The Taco Food Truck will be at the Welcome Stadium as part of the Fashion Meets Food Truck on 8/30/2020


“We stand out because we provide a One of a Kind food truck selling an experience as well as Authentic Fresh and Delicious Food… it’s Soulful and Healthy inspired Tacos. Customers love the simplicity, it’s healthy fresh and simple but flavorful. Our food is aimed at a diverse demographic,” explained a spokesman for The Taco Street Co.

Dayton in Ohio taco food truck

From Thursday-Sunday The Taco Truck will be at The Entrepreneur Marketplace on Williams Street in the Wright Dunbar district, which means even more people can enjoy the delights of amazing Mexican food.


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About The Taco Street Co.

The Taco Street Co. offers customers a great Mexican experience with their mobile food truck. Since being launched, it has gained a great deal of experience for the amazing food on offer and the affordable prices. Customers continue to provide positive reviews, while the company goes from strength to strength.