The Teaser of the movie “Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives” is launched.

A tribute to electricity and to Mauritius

The filming of the movie “Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives” has started under the supervision of the Mauritian directors Sada Rajiah and Désiré Prévost and the teaser is now available on Youtube. A true tribute to electricity, destiny and history of Mauritius, this movie retraces the epic of 3 men with similar backgrounds. Major Ibrahim Atchia, an energy pioneer in Mauritius who invested himself in the people and communities, he is the man to whom we owe the arrival of cinema, which is the source of these parallel lives.

At the same time Nikola Tesla, a Serbian inventor to whom we owe the development and adoption of alternating current for the transport and distribution of electricity which caused and still causing a change in the world, he is even called the “mad scientist”. Today it is the legacy of these 2 men that Deane Thomas, the founder of True Tesla Technologies in Mauritius wishes to bring to light through his own path.

On the casting side, Joshua Rose plays the role of the late Nikola Tesla. Mahmade Meersaheb has the honor to play the role of Amode Ibrahim Atchia and Waleed Imrit plays the role of one of the latter’s brother. Deane Thomas as well as most the other actors are assuming their own role that also include some members of the Atchia family who are very involved in this tribute to their descendent, Major Atchia. The movie is scheduled to be launched in November 2020 and talks are underway for international release in 2021.

The trailer of this movie is “Made in Mauritius” and the images speak for themselves, they express the magic of energies. The soundtrack has been carefully selected to make the experience even more sensorial. The title of the soundtrack is: “The Burial (Slow world’s Holy Mother Remix)” by Lemongrass feat. Linah Rocio, which is also an invitation to meditation. Watching the teaser is definitely an experience to live to be able feel all the energies that are taking shape and get to have a greater understanding of the philosophy behind “Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives”.

In the wake of this movie and the fate of these three wise men, two other projects are currently in preparation. The first is the installation of a cascading hydroelectric power plant set up as a world first in Yemen at Tamarin by True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) for ecological and sustainable change. The second is the creation of the “Celebration of Light Festival” scheduled for November 2020, a festival which is highlighting culture and heritage to celebrate the launch of the movie and the inauguration of the power plant with the ambition to celebrate energy in all its forms and shapes.

The Mauritius Film Development Corporation is supporting this film related to Mauritius and its story, it is important that the young generation knows the struggle of our elders who facilitated their daily lives within technology. I thank Mr Deane Thomas for the initiative taken to choose Mauritius and value the talent of our local filmmakers, artists and technicians to produce this film” affirms Vikram Jootun, the Director of the MFDC.

“Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives”, the “Celebration of Light Festival” and the cascading hydroelectric power station are 3 distinct projects but linked by the energy of change, the source of inspiration and an ode to creativity. Definitely an adventure to follow and to live.

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For more information, please contact Gaelle Bernard, Project Coordinator on the contact number +23059741290 or by mail

Credits for the teaser soundtrack The Burial (Slow World’s Holy Mother Remix) – feat. Linah Rocio, “music written, produced and performed by Roland Voss and Daniel Voss, lyrics written and performed by Linah Rocio. Published by Copyright Control © & ℗ Lemongrassmusic (2020) Taken from the EP “Ambient Land 6” ISRC: DEBG62004896

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