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Modern Approach to Mixing and Mastering

Audio Nick Dawes has been busy over last couple of years kitting out his South of France based studio with some classic recording equipment including the renowned Neve 1073 pre-amps and a fantastic new Allen & Heath console with 32 channels of analog goodness.

 The vision for the studio was to bring together the classic tried and trusted elements of the past and couple that with the modern approach of the DAW based studio.

 For the past 15 years Nick has been professionally Mixing and Mastering records under his online company Mixing-Mastering-Online for Major Artists like Rod Stewart, The Mad Stuntman and David Zincke. He has also provided his services to companies and record labels such as, Capitol Records, Universal Pictures and the BBC all through the Online Mixing platform.

 The company is a huge success and has already made its mark as the go to place for Online Mixing and Mastering worldwide.

I’ve established myself as the no.1 site for Mixing and Mastering, it’s now time work on records from the ground up,” Nick confidently says.

To make this a reality, Nick has created a recording environment in the south of France where artists can relax amongst the olive groves and allow their creative minds to wander free in a studio packed with sonic possibilities.

The development of La Source Studio has been an on-going process and new equipment is being added all the time, the new Allen & Heat GRS24M console has replaced the older Amek console. “The A&H desk is great at integrating my vintage outboard and sounds unbelievable!” 

The studio features 3 rooms with a dedicated mixing room with precise dimensions for the task. The entire studio was built from the ground up, using the latest and highest quality materials. All 3 rooms are also properly acoustically treated for optimal sound reproduction.

 The studio features a streamlined approach when it comes to equipment but without compromise as it includes the finest equipment both old and new. “I have many plug- ins but I also have the original outboard. For instance, sometimes the plug in will do the job nicely and is exactly what’s required. Other times, the outboard equivalent is just what I need to get the job done.  I have a reconditioned mastering tape machine that I love to use, not all the time but when its needed, nothing else comes close to the sound I get”.

The studio is located in Grasse, France.

Visit the Mixing-Mastering-Online for more details 

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