The ULTIMATE Tiktok Guide to Success: TikTok Celebrity Releases Profitable Guide to Finding Social Media Fame


Jamie Raine’s ‘The ULTIMATE Tiktok Guide to Success: How to become a famous creator and make money!’ walks anyone through the exact steps the author used to amass over 635,000 TikTok followers and bank £15,000 in less than a year. From gaining followers to efficiently creating content and monetizing the entire thing, Raine’s powerful guide will allow anyone to put themselves under the spotlight, in the world’s fast-growing social media craze. One critic wrote, “I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of taking TikTok seriously, great advice, well written.”




United Kingdom – Just like the boom of TikTok itself, Jamie Raine has quite a remarkable story of explosive growth. Starting from nothing, he has gained over half a million followers, nine million likes and thirty million video views – in a cool twelve weeks.


Raine has also made a tidy profit from the social media platform as well. In his new book, ‘The ULTIMATE Tiktok Guide to Success: How to become a famous creator and make money!’, he dishes the secrets to copying his success.




You have and golden opportunity to achieve a resounding success and attain that. It’s only up to you. By implementing strategies that this guide contains, you will generate more fans and sustain a steady income. The guide shows you how to Maximize your efficiency at minimal cost, Identify suitable niches and you will stop wondering: “how to do this or that” you will be focused on your goal that is gaining TikTok fans. The guide walks the reader through Jamie Raine’s journey from starting with nothing to becoming one of the top Tiktok creators. Readers will learn how to find their lucrative niche, build and manage their accounts without any technical skills, position themselves as an authority, and get an unfair advantage to getting traffic on the video-making app.


“When people think of TikTok they of course think of the dancing videos, but it’s so much more,” explains the author. “The platform is a great place for short video content across the entertainment spectrum and, with TikTok being so new, now is the time to get in and make your mark. People are hungry for serious TikTok stars, and the doors are open for anyone to fill that role. I did, very profitably, and I’m now inviting people to do the same.”


Continuing, “This is a complete and comprehensive guide that will take someone with no prior experience on the platform all the way to steady growth of their following, and hopefully their income. From the fun side to the business side, I cover it all. But you need to get in quick, because there’s only room for so many celebrities.”


Feedback for the book has been extremely positive. Edd Drake writes, “Have been interested to hear an influencers side to all of this for years, be it YouTube or Instagram. And this nails it, TikTok is such a young platform so if you can blow up using this resource now, you could majorly benefit from it, have a lot of respect for him making this as most influencers don’t want other people to succeed.”


Adam Scott adds, “If you wanting to take TikTok seriously, this book is an amazing way to start. So helpful and easy to follow.”


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The author is a social media/ TikTok star who has amassed over 635,000 followers, 9 million likes and 30 million video views a month in the past 3 months.

Raine has earned £15,000 from the video-making platform.

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