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Jaliel Thompson (born November 9, 1981) is an example of an ambitious American man and an example of character building in society and a prominent in the world of elegance with his elegant personality and perfect height (6’2); Certified life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, visionary, life strategist, employer, financial advisor, and more. Jaliel lives his life as a speaker, transformational leader, and life coach, and he strives hard for people to live life out of obstacles! Jaliel can be seen speaking, modeling, acting, reviewing and designing a VIP artist. He was born in the United States and lived there.

Jaliel did not live an easy life in his childhood, his relationship with his family was beautiful and cohesive, but among the difficulties he faced during that period was his ideal personality and the lack of acceptance of the people around him for that character. At a young age he knew he was different, but the scientist used his difference against him in forcing him to create his reality with false hope, he was stuck with not having anyone understand him enough to help him move beyond the limitations he had imposed on himself.

He was so tired that he was born of a “why” was so great that it made him non-negotiable about any problem, fear, circumstance, or rejection. He was winning with a bad hand and so successful that he wanted to help those he saw struggling and needing, he began training and instructing others in what he needed for himself, that was his weapon and his escape. Through this he found his calling.

Thanks to his determination and will to prove his character, he now lives a life full of passion, as he helps people remove their limitations, so that they can reach their highest potential, and ultimately their goal.


Jaliel Thompson has changed his life through mentoring and coaching, and he is a Certified Professional, Executive and Business Coach.

“I give cheerfully and hope to do a lot of donations to these organizations to grow and change the world.” Thompson says.

Jaliel helped transfer trainees into emperors and coached people on the basis of success through his influence and advocacy, assists those looking to expand their network and increase their net worth through realities and business partnerships. Its goal is to help people connect with their goals, breaking down the barriers of limitations, suspicion, impossibility and poor mentalities.

Jaliel Thompson had so much success with his coaching business that he recently relaunched the brand to meet evolving client needs. As a result, his company is now able to take on larger clients and help them to get faster results. It seems to be paying off – in more ways than one. Clients are now seeing results that they thought impossible, but them thought wasn’t right.

For example, a woman in her mid-30s recently contacted Thompson to help her get out of financial dire straits. She had gone through a divorce and knew there was no way she could survive on her minimum wage nursing aide salary. Her goal was to land a job as an IT specialist that paid six figures. But how? Most would say she’d be lucky to land an entry-level job in a new field.

“I admit, this was a challenge I had not seen to date, but I was willing to work with her and confident that we could help her to change her life,” Thompson says. “I’m all about the underdog; I’ve been one.”

Thompson’s team worked together to help this client meet her challenge head on. And they continued to support the client in her new position until she felt comfortable and no longer required assistance. As a result, she’s taken the strategies learned to maintain her position, has paid off her debt, purchased a home and even started a business where she works as an advocate to help others making the impossible possible.

In one of the interviews, Jaliel said:

I believe the last 10 years were my seed planted years. I was buried under the soil of everything that once was, against everything I was born to be. I was buried so that I may live. Many things were removed, formed, as well as birthed. In 2020 I’m looking forward to my harvest manifesting where I no longer “Try” and just “Become,” were I am operating in my gifts that are opening doors and making room for my destiny.

Among the advice he gave to those who have difficulty in their self-esteem: “I would tell them we all have flaws and sometimes they make us beautiful. Base your value on your gifts, who you have become, what you have overcame and what you want tomorrow.

“Dont allow your outward appearance to dictate the self esteem you carry for yourself but get to the inward root of what is causing your pain and make a Soul Adjustment. I call it Soul Surgery’.”

Thompson says:

After his long and interesting career, Jaliel Thompson become an Entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience running a Coaching Business, Real Estate Company, Network Marketing Company, Investment Company, and Clothing Company. He recently added to his portfolio of businesses and joined a Billion Dollar Network Marketing Company in which he had exponential growth and was offered a role to train other aspiring entrepreneurs the principles of wealth building. “The right way to build wealth is to have passive & residual income.” Thompson says. Thompson now shares those same wealth principles.

Jaliel Thompson, founder and CEO, Thompson J. Enterprises, LLC has recently reached much notoriety and was featured in the Press for helping a nursing aide go from minimum wage to 6 figures in 90 days. He has been featured on Talk Of News , Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, CW and more. Thompson transformed his life through mentoring and coaching. He’s a certified professional life, executive and business coach who trained at Life Coach Institute of Orange County. Since 2012, he’s been helping to edify, empower and enlighten people in all walks of life. Online and one-one-one coaching are set to launch his own nonprofit spring of 2021, which will focus on building and affirming young men.

Thompson says : “Where they’ve been torn down, I’ll build them up, where they’ve been rejected, I’ll accept them, where the door has been closed I’ll open mine.”

His Motto: Give Up to Go Up, then Rest Up Repeat.

Jaliel Thompson has provided 10 lessons that has helped him survive and grow his businesses for the past 20 years.

1. Run your Business like a Business. Your time is their money so be efficient.

2. Your Network = your Net worth. This will help you generate new business opportunities.

3. Assemble a strong support team of talented professionals. It takes a village to run a business so assemble a strong support team of talented people.

4. The fortune is in the follow up. Just following up with customers who enjoyed your service or product over the past can substantially increase your product and sales. Sometimes a No is not a No, it simply is just a Not right now.

5. Invest wisely. Avoid the temptation to overspend on luxury items, like office space, and try handling administrative tasks yourself if you are comfortable doing so

6. Establish reasonable and manageable payment terms.

7. Don’t try to do everything. Trying to be all things to all people just to land a new client distracts from your reputation and can dilute your focus on being effective within your core competencies and building your client base.

8. Stay current with your professional tools. Be sure whatever technology and services you use are up-to-date and compatible with your customers.

9. Be a valued team member. Working as a valued team member enables you to be kept in the information loop so you can perform effectively.

10. Knowing when to Rebrand your Business. You must know when it’s time for your brand to evolve. What worked the last 3 years may not work next 3 years. If a business owner is stuck to only the old way of running his or her company, they can be doomed with the economy shifts.

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