The World first loyalty & rewards Stable Token


NJ, USA, March 1, 2021 Honos Coin today announced that their Token, Ticker: HNC will be listed on the Uniswap Exchange, on March 1, 2021. This is a major milestone move for Honos coin, due to the Defi space becoming more popular.

Honos coin is on a mission to change the way people trust cryptocurrency, making it simpler and safer, while rewarding consumers for spending and providing business with loyalty programs.

“If you missed bitcoin in 2009, you don’t want to miss out on Honos Coin. It’s the only coin of it’s kind in the market,” says Richard Encarnacion, CEO at Honos Coin.”

“The Future of finance and technology is with the use of the blockchain, without it. You have no future” says Unanimous”

“The supply of gold is politically and financially diversified. The largest producers of gold are Canada, the USA, South Africa, Australia and Russia. However, gold is heavy and Bicoin obviously has no weight. So Bitcoin has a better future for when we will populate our planetary system. ” says Dr. Cornelis Los, Finance Professor at the UCI.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

• COIN Launching on UNISWAP Exchange
• Company Submitted to Federal Program SBIR/STTR Stage II in 2020
• Potential Patent Pending submission for 2021 and 2022
• Honos Coin is giving away $360,000 USD for Bounty hunters a total of 300,000,000 Coins HNC coins.

Learn more about Honos coin, at www.Honoscoin.IO don’t forget to get your HNC tokens, on the IEO sale. The most anticipated crypto of 2021, one Eth invested into HNC token , if reaches a $1 dollar in value per coin could potentially provide a 1000x to early investors. (Disclaimer: Crypto coins are high risk, and very speculative, invest at your own risk, this is not financial advice.

About Honos Coin: Honos coin aims to bridge the gap between consumers and merchants, by making it easy to use Cryptocurrency, improve economics stability and rewards users for spending, while providing loyalty programs for merchants. A business owner can use Honos coin, as an incentive to purchase, thus improving their customer loyalty and reducing cost for transactions. Consumers will Love using Honos Coin, because of the low cost and flexibility that the coin provides.

Contact :
Josue M. E.
Vice President
Honos Coin