Three Las Vegas-based organizations donate $20,000 to help citizens in need

ARK Angels

Trio is challenging companies to make a difference through random acts of kindness

Las Vegas, NV – The United States has been hit hard by COVID-19 forcing many individuals out of work until the spread of the disease is contained. Three Las Vegas-based organizations have seen just how hard their local community has been hit by COVID-19 and have stepped up to help those in need.

Jilati, Emerald Dream Foundation, and ARK Angels have teamed up to donate $20,000 to help Las Vegas’ citizens who have been hit hard in recent weeks. Now, the trio is challenging companies to do the same and make a difference through a random act of kindness (ARK).

The challenge set out by the three organizations is simple and merely asks others to give whatever is possible. No act is too big or too small at this time, and the only thing that matters is making a difference in someone’s life.

Companies can take part in the ARK Challenge by recording footage of their ARK. They can nominate someone else to do the ARK challenge and share it using the tag #ARKANGELCHALLENGE and posting it on social media. By completing the challenge and passing it on, companies and organizations start a positive karma loop that improves the lives of others.

With no donation or ARK too small, the real question is, who will companies help during this time of emergency?

Emerald Dream Foundation has been giving back to the Las Vegas community since 2007. The foundation offers help to those in need around the city and hopes challenging others to ARK an even bigger difference can be made locally. The Emerald Dream Foundation helps deliver food for the elderly, fund kids’ programs for the local Doolittle Community Center, and participates in other programs that enrich the lives of Las Vegas’ citizens. The Emerald Foundation prides itself on helping in any way necessary to make a difference.

Jilati, a leading CBD company located in Las Vegas, is dedicated to helping individuals who wish to help themselves. The company strongly believes that the power of a person’s health ultimately lies in their owns hands. By teaming up with Jilati, the Emerald Dream Foundation hopes to inspire and engage individuals to give back to their local community. 

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About Emerald Dream Foundation

The Emerald Dream Foundation focuses on inspiring individuals to give back to their local communities. The organization prides itself on the fact that it is willing to help in any way necessary. This may mean paying for someone’s rent and aiding in a job search, paying for a hospital bill, covering tuition for a bright student in need, or helping to relocate a stray animal. No mission is too small or too big for the Emerald Dream Foundation’s team of ambitious volunteers.

About Jilati

Jilati is a leading CBD company dedicated to helping those who wish to help themselves. The company strongly believes that the power of a person’s health ultimately lies in their own hands. Jilati teamed up with CBD industry pioneers and specialists to develop dynamic products for consumers. Jilati utilizes the latest breakthroughs and innovations in order to consciously craft the most balanced CBD products on the market.


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