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Three Things New Drivers Should Have In Their Car – Luxurious Wish

Luxurious Wish has revealed three things a new driver should buy for their vehicle. The online store that provides a full guarantee on all their products has said it is essential that new drivers equip their cars with the right accessories.

A popular online store that sells beauty and wellness products, car accessories, gadgets, and fashion accessories, has today revealed what three car accessories new drivers should buy for their vehicles. Luxurious Wish ( who said they will not be beaten on price has said their recommended car accessories would make perfect gifts for people who have just passed their tests.

84.1% of people aged between 16 and 85 years of age have a driving license. Only 34.8% of people aged between 16 to 19 years of age have a license. Each year more than 1,664,219 people take their driving tests, but sadly only 761,972 pass their test. When a person passes their driving test their family and friends need to celebrate their achievement. One way of doing this is to buy their loved one’s car accessories.

The team at Luxurious Wish has put together three highly recommended car accessories that each driver should have in their vehicle and ones that would allow people to buy their loved ones as a celebratory gift.

Here are the three essential car accessories:

Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid

One of the most important car accessories that each vehicle should have is the Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid. When a windshield has a chip in it, it is important to have it fixed straight away. If not treated straight away, then the vehicle could become unroadworthy. Instead of taking the vehicle off the road to have it repaired, by using the Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid, a driver can repair it at the roadside.

It is priced at just $18.99 and requires no experience to use the repair accessory to repair the windshield.

For more information, please visit

Luxe Base Air Vent Phone Mount

This is a popular and important accessory to have in a vehicle. It is priced at just $14.99. For more information, please visit

Transparent 3.4A Dual-USB Charger Port

Having a phone charger in a vehicle is important. It is priced at just $18.99. For more information, please visit

The popular online store sells lots of quality products and accessories. To see the current full range of products and accessories, please visit

About Luxurious Wish

Luxurious Wish is a popular online store that sells quality products and accessories at low prices. All the products come with a full guarantee and a fast free shipping service.

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