Timeshare Lawyers Being Found Belly UP Nationwide


Henderson, December 4, 2019 – Cancel Timeshare Center, DIY Timeshare Cancellation. Our company started the movement to educate timeshare owners on canceling their timeshare contracts themselves; this fact is what everyone doesn’t want you to know. If you can read, write, and go to the post office you can cancel your own timeshare contract!


Is this the first time that you you heard that? Let me guess; I bet it is! You are looking to cancel your timeshare contract and everyone that you speak with has a different “idea” on the “right” way to cancel timeshare contracts. As a timeshare owner I am sure that you are just beyond exhausted of being “taken” from every direction.


Cancel Timeshare Center CEO Kimball McCallister states “Why spend additional money on canceling the timeshare that you just paid thousands for not only in annual maintenance fees but in the initial cost of the actual contract when its not necessary. If you can send the proper documentation to cancel your own timeshare with a quarter of the cost, why wouldn’t you? People are looking for a way to cancel their contract in an efficient, low cost, effective manor.”


Timeshare owners have usually already contacted their resort about canceling timeshare, only to be told that they are contractually obliged to continue, regardless of their reasons for wishing to leave timeshare. A lot of resorts are keeping timeshare owners bound by long terms contracts with undesirable levels of liability which, clearly, is an issue of fairness.

One of the most common things that we find, when assessing the contracts of our clients, is the ‘in perpetuity’ clause. This means that their contract is set to continue, quite literally, forever. This, too, is an issue of fairness, particularly when you consider that the age bracket of long-term timeshare owners now is such that they’re wanting to plan their future and don’t want to pass on debts and liabilities, a pertinent issue that has been quite well publicized.


A representative of Cancel Timeshare Center; Jerry Abbott stated “Our clients come to us, more often than not, because they simply wish to exit their timeshare. They may have had the timeshare for not very long at all, whereas others have been taking their holidays annually for many years, often perfectly happily. Now, however, they’ve decided that it is time to move on. This may be for financial reasons, due to a change of circumstances or various other reasons.”


 At the end of the day, our loyalties lie with the customers. Our business is to hand timeshare owners the tools they need  to move on from their timeshares, paving the way for the next generation and a positive change in the right direction for the industry.


Our loyalty and our responsibility is to you, the timeshare owner, and we work hard with your best interests at heart. If you want to learn more, please do get in touch. We can help you take the right path to freedom, saving you money, time and stress, so you can move on from timeshare with peace of mind.


 “ Timeshare lawyers are being put out of business at record numbers in 2019 by Timeshare owners canceling their own Timeshare themselves. ” – Cancel Timeshare Center


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