Titan Fittings Is Now Stocking A Large Variety Of Stainless Tubing, Known As SS Tubing


Titan Fittings is pleased to announce that starting in 2020 the company is stocking and selling a large variety of stainless tubing.

The different categories include, Smooth-Bore Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing in nominal and metric sizes, stainless steel coils, welded stainless tubing, welded stainless coils, and precision stainless tubing and precision stainless coils.

Stainless steel tubing has several uses in construction, industrial manufacturing as well as art.

One of the major uses for stainless tubing is for plumbing; however, contractors prefer using plastic over stainless steel because of its lower cost.

Even though stainless steel tubing is expensive as compared to plastic piping, it provides countless benefits.

Stainless tubing is much stronger than plastic tubing.

Stainless tubing is mainly available in two grades of 304, 304/L, 316 and 316L, in a size range from 1/16” to 12” outside diameters in lengths of 20 feet for sticks and 50 feet for coils. 

The tubing is stocked in the annealed and pickled, bright annealed, mill finish and polished conditions. 

Stainless tubing has an appealing appearance for the purpose of architecture and interior design. Stainless steel tubing is ideal for use in industrial and commercial constructions because it provides higher value and better return on investment.

The benefits of using stainless tubing are:

1. Resistant to Corrosion

Stainless steel pipes have a lower corrosion rate as compared to casting iron or other such materials. Corrosion is the main reason why people do not prefer metal pipes but in case of stainless steel tubing it will remain rust free for several years even if it remains in water. Stainless steel pipes allow drinking pure water because it is not prone to corrosion and hence, does not contaminate the water like other metals that leach into the water.

2. Material Quality

Stainless steel is amazing material and available in different grades as follows:

  • 300 Series Austenitic – Grades: T304 and T316
  • 400 Series Martensitic – Grades: 410
  • 400 Series Ferritic – Grades: 430

The pipes made from other materials will degrade and become rusty the amazing properties of a stainless steel will not degrade easily. These properties give added to stainless steel tubing and make it preferable over other materials.

3. Durable

As stainless steel pipe is less corrosive, therefore, it last for several years without degrading like iron or copper. Stainless steel pipes resist damage and are stable even at extreme temperatures and weather conditions. They do not have any impact of sunlight or UV rays.

4. Environment Friendly

Stainless Steel tubing is the best option because stainless steel is an environment friendly material because it is safe for reuse. It is completely recyclable whereas plastic pipes cannot be reused and are a cause of pollution. A survey showed that more than 50% stainless steel is recycled and reused, and recycling does not cause any environmental damage.

5. Alluring Appearance

Stainless steel pipes look extremely aesthetic and very modern. They are sleek and shiny and look very elegant. It does not need to be painted or coated with any material to look attractive.

6. Easy Maintenance

After installation, it does not require any maintenance which makes it cost effective. It is not required to be coated by oil or grease to protect it from rust like iron or other such materials.

7. Better flow

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and does not get rusted; it is able to endure high pressure or flow for longer period of time. Even the pipes with smaller diameter allow a good flow.

8. Easy and Quick Installation

Stainless steel tubes do not require many tools, so, it can be easily installed in congested places where there is less room.

9. Value

Stainless steel pipes provide value because they are corrosion resistant, durable and lasts for decades, easy to install as well as low maintenance cost which makes it all the more attractive and preferred over option for commercial and business purposes.

Due to its durability and various uses stainless steel can be called a miraculous metal.

So, order your stainless tubing now as we supply seamless as well as welded stainless steel pipesof different grades and types:

Stainless Steel Tubing Grades are:

  • 300 Series Austenitic – Grades: T304 and T316
  • 400 Series Martensitic – Grades: 410
  • 400 Series Ferritic – Grades: 430

Stainless Steel Tubing Types:

  • Seamless Tubing – 304, 316, nominal, metric
  • Welded Tubing – 304, 316, nominal, metric
  • Precision Tubing – 304 and 316
  • Extra Hard Tubing – 316
  • Mil Spec Tubing – Titanium additive

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