TOP 23 Things to do in EMPTY VENICE 2020 Video Goes Global

A travel video that has gone global looks at the things to do in Venice post COVID19 lockdown. With Italy’s borders gradually opening, now is the time to visit Venice.

For those people thinking of visiting Venice after the COVID19 lockdown, then they need to watch the video that gone viral. Top 23 Things To Do In Empty Venice 2020, which was filmed by Max Nomad has become one of the most talked-about Venice travel videos of 2020.

Max Nomad who is a travel expert visits Venice after lockdown and gives people advice on what things they can do in an empty Venice. In normal times, finding the best things to do in Venice can be time-consuming. A recent report found that people waste nearly 50% of their time when they arrive on holiday trying to work out what places to visit and the things they can do. With the COVID19 pandemic, finding things to do in Venice and finding things that are safe to do can be even more problematic. Thanks to Max Nomad, that problem has now been solved.

Italy borders are now gradually opening, but that does not mean that Italy is 100% safe. Like Spain, many countries are getting a second wave of the COVID19 pandemic, so knowing where to visit is of the utmost importance. That includes visiting Venice. It is important to know where to visit in Venice that is safe, and that is why Max Nomad has put the video together. He wants people to come back to Venice, but at the same time, he also wants people to be safe.

The travel expert provides 23 great places to visit and things to do post lockdown in Venice. As well as providing people with great places to visit during the COVID19 pandemic, the video is more than that. It is a great travel guide for those that have not been to Venice before. The way the video has been filmed, and Max Nomad’s guide, it is like visiting Venice from the comfort of your home.

When asked why he made the video, Max explained: “I wanted people to visit Venice now the borders are opening. I understand that people fear COVID19 pandemic, and my video provides people with safe places they can visit and the things they can do.”

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