Top Life Lessons to Learn from Eli Dangerfield, Young 21 year old millionaire eCommerce Entrepreneur


Ecommerce and online shopping is clearly one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and as you can imagine, many young people are cashing in heavily from this budding opportunity, some banking multiple millions. One of these young people is 21 year old Australian entrepreneur, Eli Dangerfield (, who is now a millionaire eCommerce expert. Born in August 1998, he started his eCommerce business at the young age of just 17, and made his first million dollar income at 21 years old. Now making a living from his laptop, working from anywhere in the world, just by selling simple products online, he now makes up to $300K every month. Some days he’s made as much as $20K in a single day. He is doing so well for his age, that he was awarded the highly acclaimed ‘2 Comma Club’ Award from ClickFunnels, a leading online business community that recognises the achievements of entrepreneurs like Eli.


If you are an aspiring, already successful or struggling entrepreneur, Eli has graciously shared some valuable life lessons that can help guide you into becoming a successful entrepreneur coming into the year 2020 and beyond.



Your past doesn’t have to shape your future


Whether you are from a poor or middle-class background, this doesn’t really matter in today’s age of opportunity. Eli was born into a lower-middle-class family in Adelaide, Australia. Eli’s mother was a teacher while his father is currently a carpenter/labourer, so money was never in abundance during Eli’s upbringing. When he was a little child, his mother suffered a terrible car accident, which shocked his world. Due to this accident, which almost took his mother’s life, she could no longer work to help support the family, and this made life incredibly harder for the family, relying on one below-average annual income. This didn’t stop Eli from pursuing his dream of being an eCommerce entrepreneur though. Despite his poor background, Eli wanted to become rich and successful, and this was what he focused on to begin his own business. Therefore, your background is not an excuse at all. In the case of Eli Dangerfield he has proven that anyone can accomplish anything.


You are never too young to chase your dreams


Age is nothing but a number; you can be anything you want to be. It is never too early  on in life to begin chasing your dreams. Everyone would like to feel young and rich, right? That’s what fuelled Eli to get started in business. At the age of just 14, Eli’s goal was to be a boss. In fact, during his school days, he began a series of business ventures, which include running a tongue-in-cheek YouTube channel and buying to resell a variety of different products on eBay. At 17, he started selling his internationally acclaimed watch brand, Elmore Lewis (, which has been sold in thousands to over 24 countries. Coming from a poor background, he knew he could not remain poor, and he had to change his family status. This drives him early into the entrepreneur path, and he is doing so well and taking good care of his family.


There will always be challenges in business


If there is one thing that is common in the entrepreneur journey, it is a series of challenges. How you handle these challenges matters a lot to your growth process and your success. At a point when his business was going smoothly, something happened that brought him back to square. It was around the beginning of 2017. The challenge came in the form of chargebacks, and this almost ruined his whole business. What is a chargeback? This is when a customer purchases an item online, and when the item is delivered, the customer calls the bank to claim that he/she did not authorise the purchase. This makes the bank to take back the money sent for the payment. This usually results in a significant net loss to the seller. Multiple chargebacks can completely disrupt a business and put the business owner in huge debts. While Eli was battling with chargebacks on Shopify, he was also faced with an overdue bill from the Facebook ads platform, causing him significant stress.

At this point, he felt like his whole world was crashing, and he was losing everything he had worked so hard for. However, Eli did not give up. To cover up his debts, he started freelancing as a photographer and a videographer for brands. In a couple of months, Eli was able to clear off his debts on Shopify and Facebook. He soon revived his e-commerce business, coming up with designs and strategies that helped him bounce back. By the end of 2017, his Elmore Lewis watches business began to thrive again and started gaining significant momentum.




Nothing is stopping you from being an eCommerce millionaire as well


You may be wondering if you can also be successful as an e-commerce entrepreneur. Yes, you can. In fact, Eli is currently committed to helping other people succeed in the e-commerce market. After noticing that there seems to be a massive gap for authentic, actionable information to help people succeed within this field, he started his “Six Figure Brand Accelerator,” which is a top e-commerce training program.

One of Eli’s top students is Teddy Briggs. From being drowned in debts, Teddy has grown to be financially stable, making over $60,000 per month, since becoming Eli’s student and mentee. In fact, Teddy recently bought a C63s AMG sports car from income earned from e-commerce.


It has become one of Eli’s primary life goals to help people across the world become financially stable and successful from the e-commerce business. He is committed to providing e-commerce entrepreneurs, whether aspiring or not, with the best training, tools, assets, resources, and support to help them grow and succeed. With this training program, you can learn how to not only survive in the eCommerce space, but thrive, and potentially become as successful as Eli, or even more so when you work hard. If you want to follow Eli’s journey, follow him on Eli Dangerfield’s Instagram (